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Crescent Shop is taking preorders for Unoa Zero

Apr 3, 2010

    1. This is the message from Crescent Shop that I just found in my inbox:

      Okay, here's the complete post from the Crescent news board:

    2. I really wish I had the money to do this at the moment, but I don't :/ and do the Zeros have a one-part torso?
    3. Nope, they have two-part torso: http://www.crescent-shop.com/unoazero.jpg

      She's totally beautiful! *-* Both faces... and the wig is so delicate! Totally lovely! <3
      I wish it could have a layaway plan @_@ She's one of my Dream Doll... But I'll need someone offering service to help me purchase her x_x
    4. does anyone know whats the price with crescent shop fees? is it possible to buy 2 unoa zero?
    5. It looks like you can buy as many Unoa Zeros as you want, but the price without the shipping or Crescent fee (you have to contact them for the actual quote) is roughly 1055.68 USD (99800 yen) or 782.74 euros. HTH!