Crescent shop lottery of in stock fairy skinned Unoa dolls

Jan 7, 2011

    1. Mods, if this in the wrong place, please remove! Thanks.

      I just received an email from the crescent shop, now known as They are offering fairy skinned unoa sist and lusis on a lottery basis between Jan 7 and 26. Also normal skin.

      Here is the info from, crescent shop's new name:

      Looks like the unoa dolls are in stock. Some are handpainted by Araki. Some are in an unassembled kit with extra parts. And they also have different faceplates, eyeglasses, horns, etc., available.

      Here is the link:
    2. Check your email for your order number, because it isn't available on the website. If you won, you should receive an email too.

      Darn! I was one number away from my fairy skinned Lusis. Oh well. Better luck next time. :(
    3. Does anyone know how often they have lottery for the Unoa dolls?