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Crescent Shop now taking PRE-ORDERS for Unoa Boy kits!

Apr 25, 2008

    1. Quote from Crescent Shop News:

      ( It seems to be OK to post the link to the page, but please be sure to REGISTER first before ordering )

      " Prices in US$ includes cost of item, our commision and Paypal fees BUT international shipping.
      Shipping method is by EMS ONLY. Cannot combine other items bought through Crescent Shop.

      If you came this website directly without coming through our member's site,
      please read "Crescent Shop News" for Terms and Conditions BEFORE you order.
      Or you are not our member, please register your membership first from here.

      If you have any questions, please contact us to sales@crescent-shop.com
      We are not using our system for this order. We will correspondence with buyers by email.
      This website will be closed 13:00 on May 2(Fri), 2008 (Japanese Time) "

      We are now taking pre-orders for Unoa boy kits !! Thank you for using our service.
      We are now taking pre-orders for Unoa Boy kits.

      Here's the term and the condition.

      1) Pre-order Period
      We are taking pre-orders from 13:00 on April 25th to 13:00 on May 2nd. (Japanese Time)
      This is pre-order. It is not first come first serve bases.
      Anybody can get the kits.

      2) Price & ordering quantity limit.
      There is a quantity limit per person.
      You can order up to 1 each of L-bi and B-el.
      But you cannot order like 2 L-bi or 2 B-el.
      Price is US$ 495.00 each

      If we found orders are from same person, same address or same email address, we cancel everything.
      If your family, room mate order the parts, please contact us to sales@crescent-shop.com before you order.

      3) Payment
      Buyers will be receiving a notification by email for total amount by email.
      Payment has to be Paypal. We will email you about payment detail.

      Deadline of payment is 23:59 May 12th, 2008(Japanese Time)
      Other payment method like International Postal Money Order
      if the payment can be arrived before May 12th.

      4) Delivery
      At this monent, the delivery time is in August.
      But it could be delayed depending on manufactureing schedule.
      You just cannot cancel the order even though the schedule is postponed.
      We will update delivery time if Alchemic Labo let us know something.

      5) Shipment

      Shipping charge

      Zone #1 Asia, Guam
      1 doll - US$ 30
      2 dolls - US$ 50

      Zone #2 North America, Oceania, Middle America, Middle East
      1 doll - US$ 40
      2 dolls - US$ 70

      Zone #3 Europe
      1 doll - US$ 50
      2 dolls - US$ 80

      Zone #4 Africa, South America
      1 doll - US$ 70
      2 dolls - US$ 130

      6) Cancellation
      Order cannot be cancelled after you pay. Serious buyers only please.
      If we were not received a payment by 23:59 on May 12,
      orders would be cancelled automatically.

      If you can agree this term and condition, please go to

      Thank you for ordering !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop