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Crescent Shop Unoa Preorder period for Lusis or Sist

May 26, 2010

    1. Hello all, Crescent shop just sent me an email letting me know that the preorder period of Unoa Lusis and Sist kits has begun. The limit is one per person, and you have to register as a member of crescent shop (its free to register!). The order period will end on June 16th 1pm Japan time. :)
      More information is available on Crescent's site.
      Also this DOA thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?208456-How-and-Where-to-Buy-a-Unoa has information on how to set up a crescent account to gain information on Unoas.
      Happy shopping :)
    2. For a full post of what the Crescent announcement is:

      Kits are each $570USD, with an added charge of
      [SIZE=-1]US$52.50 [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]if you are ordering the large bust as an extra[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]. [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Postage is extra, and stated on the first page, and will again be shown in the shopping cart.[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]

      [SIZE=-1]The quantity limit is one of each kit (lusis, sist) per person[/SIZE][SIZE=-1].[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]

      Kits contain:

      [SIZE=-1]- Unassembled, Unpainted default body.
      - Unpainted Lusis Default Face
      - Acrylic Eyes 12mm / Light Blue
      - Original Light Gold Boa Wig
      - Doll Stand is NOT included.[/SIZE]

      [SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]- Unassembled, Unpainted default body.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1] - Unpainted Sist Default Face
      - Acrylic Eyes 12mm / Gray
      - Original White Boa Wig
      - Doll Stand is NOT included.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

      And there is a note:

      [SIZE=-1] Sist Dosing Face for Sist kit/[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Lusis Dosing Face for Lusis kit, which I am under the assumption that it is a free item for filling out a questionnaire they send during the payment confirmation process, however I am unsure if that is correct, and for everyone who buys (or if you get both faceplates if you order both kits).

      - D.up

      Please forgive me if this is post was unnecessary, and I am not a Crescent employee or representative, I just thought that people may want to see the information without having to sign up.
    3. The face plates are a free gift for filling out the questionnaire.