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Crescent Unoa option part Orders to be shipped by the end of april!!!

Apr 14, 2008

    1. Update: April 28th, 2008

      Mine shipped this morning!!!


      update april 23rd:
      I just received the email as well...

      "Thank you for your order for Unoa optional parts.
      We have already received your items and we are now preparing shipment.
      We are starting shipping out the package from April 28.

      Please reply us if we can ship out the package immediately.
      And please check if the address you entered when you ordered is correct.

      Thank you very much !"

      make sure you wait for the email before messaging them!!


      I couldnt find a thread that had this update from crescent... (mods feel free to move this if it is in the wrong place...)

      posted on april 12th:

      "Thank you for using our service !
      This is good news for everybody who ordered the Unoa optional part in March.
      I announced that we would ship them out around in June.
      But Alchemic Labo contacted that they have everthing in stock.
      So, we are able to ship out all of them in this month !!

      The packages are probably ready to be shipped by April 23rd.

      We will contact to each client by email about this.

      At this moment, please do not contact us about this
      and just wait for my next contact.

      Thank you very much !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop"

      discussion here

    2. new info today!!
    3. packages are shipping!!!