Criteria and Submission Guidelines for On-Topic Dolls

Jan 17, 2006

    1. The Den of Angels community is built on an appreciation for resin ball-jointed dolls. Our scope is limited to dolls that meet the following requirements:
      1. Dolls must be cast in polyurethane resin to professional standards.
      2. Dolls must not be mass-produced.
      3. Dolls must be strung with tension.
      4. Dolls must be articulated primarily with ball-and-socket joints.
      5. Dolls must have functional joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. Dolls that do not have these body parts or that have non-human anatomy will be evaluated case by case.
      6. Open-eyed human dolls must have changeable eyes; non-human dolls will be evaluated case by case.
      7. Dolls must not have rooted hair. Sculpted hair must not interfere with movement.
      8. Dolls must have consistent proportion, stylization, and anatomical detail in the body and head.
      9. Dolls must have a fully rendered body that is suitable to display nude.

      On and Off Topic Dolls
      Inclusion on Den of Angels is at the sole discretion of its moderators.
      We use the criteria above to determine whether dolls are on topic for Den of Angels. Threads about new dolls may be locked while the doll is being evaluated. The decision to include a doll on this site is not a product endorsement or guarantee of quality; conversely, declaring a doll off-topic is not a negative judgment against the quality of a sculpt or the reputation of a company.

      It's ok to mention or show off-topic dolls as long as the main focus is on-topic dolls. Off-topic dolls may not be bought, sold or traded on Den of Angels.

      If a Dealer is going to be offering a new doll artist/brand that isn't already present on DOA or that hasn't been evaluated yet for topicality, the Dealer must submit the doll for moderator evaluation. Follow the submission process indicated below. You may present photos supplied by the artist. This must be done prior to making an advertising thread in News.

      Exceptions are made for some doll lines that previously fit our criteria, but which do not meet the current requirements. Please note, these specific sculpts and lines are allowed; it is not a blanket acceptance of all sculpts or lines similar to them.
      • Volks Dollfie Dream lines that use elastic stringing or the DD Inner Frame
      • Obitsu-licensed dolls that use their 40/50/55/60 series frameworks
      • Volks Dollfie Friends Baron
      • Ghost in the Shell Gynoid (2005)
      • Volks Reitenshi
      • Volks Ai-tenshi / Hikari tenshi
      All Grandfathered DD and Obitsu (mini-size and large-size) must still follow the regular topicality rules about open-eye sockets that can take changeable eyes. Only the bodies are Grandfathered, based on the internal structure first developed by Volks.

      You may share off-topic dolls in our off-topic section, and you may share off-topic BJDs that you have made in the BJD-Making workshop. Dolls posted elsewhere on Den of Angels must meet the requirements listed above.
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    2. Submission Information for Artists and New Companies

      If you have designed, created or commissioned a BJD, you must submit it for inclusion on Den of Angels. This includes heads, bodies and full dolls. Each sculpt must be submitted, even if your past dolls have already been approved.

      To submit a doll, please start a new thread in Ask the Moderators with this information:
      1. Photos of your doll from the beginning of the sculpting process to the final form you will be selling. Include any hand-drawn designs or digital sketches that show that this is your own original creation.

      2. High resolution color photos of the nude doll after it has been completed and cast in resin. Show the head from different angles and the full body, if applicable. The photos must show that the casting quality meets professional standards.

      3. How many dolls will be made?

      4. Who is casting the dolls?

      5. What kind of resin will they use?

      6. Will you sell the dolls yourself, or will they be available through a company or distributor?
      We will need time to make a decision, so please be patient when waiting for a response.
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