Criteria and Submission Guidelines for On-Topic Dolls

Jan 17, 2006

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    On and Off Topic Dolls

    Inclusion on Den of Angels is at the sole discretion of the moderators. The moderators use the criteria below to determine whether dolls are on topic for Den of Angels. Threads about new dolls may be locked while the doll is being evaluated. The decision to include a doll on the site is not a product endorsement or guarantee of quality from the staff; conversely, declaring a doll off-topic is not a negative judgment against the quality of a sculpt or the reputation of a company.

    Off-topic dolls are admissible in discussion or photography in conjunction with on-topic dolls. However, they may not be the focus of gallery or discussion threads and may not be bought, sold or traded in the Marketplace. Posts or threads intended to debate the inclusion of off-topic dolls will be removed.


    DoA is a site for articulated resin dolls that are tension-strung and intended for customization by their owners. We allow dolls of all geographic origins that meet our requirements.

    Dolls must:
    • be professionally cast in polyurethane resin by a factory*
    • be strung with elastic or similar
    • be articulated using ball-and-socket joints (or a combination of ball-and-socket joints and hinge or sliding joints)
    • be jointed (at a minimum) at the following places: neck/head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, and knee.
    • have a 2+ part head with changeable eyes (excluding "sleeping" heads)
    • be partly or fully humanoid.
    • have consistent proportion, stylization, and anatomical detail in areas of the body and head.
    * Smaller artist studios may appeal for inclusion if they are able to prove through high-resolution photography or presentation of a sample doll that their casting quality is comparable to a professionally produced doll.

    The following are off topic, even if they meet the construction requirements listed above:
    • Infant dolls with realistically sculpted baby fat.
    • Dolls that are marketed as "fashion dolls" or whose bodies are minimally sculpted to serve primarily as a mannequin for displaying clothing. The body must be fully-rendered and suitable to display nude.
    • Dolls with sculpted or rooted hair on their heads. (An optional headcap with hair is fine, as long as the doll either comes with a normal headcap or can wear a wig over the textured one.)
    • Dolls with sculpted clothing, armor, or shoes. (These are fine as option parts. Robot/cyborg parts are also fine as they are considered part of the doll's body rather than armor or shoes.)
    • Dolls that are mass-produced.
    • Life-sized (1:1 scale) dolls.

    Off-topic and banned dolls

    Please visit the wiki for information about off-topic and banned dolls.

    Grandfathered sculpts
    The following sculpts were allowed prior to the current criteria and are grandfathered as a courtesy to allow their owners to continue to share them here. Please note, these specific sculpts and lines are allowed; it is not a blanket acceptance of all sculpts or lines similar to them.
    • Dollfie Dream, Dollfie Dream Dynamite, Dollfie Dream Sister and Mini Dollfie Dream (not resin)
    • Obitsu 60, Obitsu 50 and Obitsu 40 (not resin)
    • Yamato, Arcadia, Real Art Project, VMF50, Angel Philia Pink Drops, Angel Philia Lead Me and Angel Philia Radical Sign dolls that use the 48–50cm Obitsu body core (not resin)
    • Ghost in the Shell (GITS) Gynoid (not correct urethane resin)
    • Volks Reitenshi (insufficient jointing – missing knee/elbow joints)
    • Baby Supia (realistic baby)
    • DBDOLL Ninan (realistic baby)
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    Submission Information for Artists and New Companies

    If you have made a BJD or commissioned one in the Custom Manufacturing forum, you will need to submit it for inclusion on Den of Angels. This includes heads, bodies or full dolls that you have designed or made yourself, or commissioned based on drawings, photographs or character descriptions.

    If you would like to offer it for sale (either by yourself or through a company that has picked up the sculpt), or have it included on Den of Angels individually as an on-topic doll, please post the following information in a new thread in Ask the Moderators:
    • Color photos showing the head from several angles as well as full body shots, if applicable. Doll artists submitting their own work must show completed nude dolls cast in resin, for custom orders, the moderators will need to see pictures of the sculpt in its final draft before being sent for casting. If there are still revisions being made, please don't ask the moderators to make a decision on the sculpt until it has been agreed and finalized.

    • For legal reasons, we would like to know that your doll is completely yours, and not a modified version of an existing product. Please show progress pictures of your doll from the beginning of the sculpting process to the final master sculpt, and include any supporting documents like hand-drawn design sheets, or digital images if your doll has been designed on a computer.

    • Information on the distribution of the sculpt - Do you intend to sell the doll through your own website, or do you have an arrangement with another BJD company, a distributor or a dealer?

    • The approximate number of sculpts that will be produced and the material(s) in which they will be cast.

    • We also ask that smaller artist studios looking to have their dolls included prove through high-resolution photography or presentation of a sample doll that their casting quality is comparable to a professionally produced doll.
    If your doll is off topic, you may not sell the doll on DoA or picture it in the Galleries except in photos with an on-topic doll. If your doll is off-topic, it is not up for debate or drama elsewhere on the forum.

    Please note that this must be done for each sculpt, even if you have had other sculpts approved in the past or it is in a line that is otherwise approved. Threads for dolls that are not approved for inclusion on the forum will be removed without notice.