Crobidoll Boys: wigs, eyes and clothing for ^^...

Jan 8, 2009

    1. It says on the site that the Crobidoll dolls wear size 9-10 wigs, but can they also fit size 8.5-9.5 (aka Luts wigs :sweat) and even just plain old 8-9 :??

      Plus, I'm wondering if they can take 14mm eyes or if that would be too small?

      And also what clothes do you find the new bodies (R-Line boy body) can wear? I was thinking SD Dollmore clothes and some of Dollheart's SD13 Boy/Girl :) but would they fit..?

      Also what about shoes? Can Dollheart/Dollmore shoes fit *_*? I really like them..

      If not, can you suggest some sites for some clothes, shoes, and wigs that would fit them?

      :XD: I'm so sorry for all those questions! But I'd like to know if things will fit before I buy *_*~
    2. I have a Yeon-Ho and a size 8-9 CRWML-10 wig Crobidoll sells fits him perfectly. I bought a size 8-9 wig from Jpopdolls for another doll and it's far too large for my Yeon-Ho, it does stretch to a 9.5 though so it might just run large.

      As for the body, I had the one that came with the White Skin Lance, but it appears to be the same as the R-Line body. The chest was very broad so shirts fit tight and I had issues with pants being too short and too tight around his bottom. I don't remember what size the shoes I had were, but the slip on shoes from Dollmore were just small enough that they took lots of effort to get on. I did have a pair of SD sized riding boots from Pupa Paradise and those fit fine, so I think it's more of a shoe by shoe thing.

      I don't have the body anymore so I can't really help with where to get clothes, but I'm sure someone can. :) I wouldn't be discouraged, I think the clothes for larger SDs will fit well, just be aware that they have long legs, large bottoms, and broad chests.

      Hope this helps!
    3. Thank you :D!!

      I hope more people post ^^! This will be my first BJD after I get enough money :sweat~
    4. I know that if all else fails, you can buy from Crobidoll since their wigs and clothes seem to be made for their dolls.
    5. So I am ordering a Crobidoll Nia in a couple of months or so, the only problem is I'm not sure where to buy pants for him as he has some pretty unusual measurements.
      Circumference of waist: 23 cm
      Circumference of hips: 28.3 cm

      Those hips are huge for a 63cm doll! I did manage to find one pair of shorts that I know will fit him because I bought them off of Crobi. But other than that I have looked all over for dolls with similar measurements to steal their luck yet. I don't really care about the length because I can always hem them. I am thinking that I might have to make my own...
      If there is anyone out there that has a Crobidoll with an R line body please help! What does your boy wear?
    6. I know that dollmore pants DO NOT fit their waist! Still having trouble finding pants....
    7. My Nia isn't here yet, but I ordered him an outfit from nDoll, which has arrived. I measured the pants (waist, hips and length) and they do seem like they'll fit, but I can't make any proven claims just yet... (fingers crossed!)
    8. CROBI said that Lance head size is 9-10 ich, but when I buy the 9-10 ich wig to him, the wig is much bigger~ I think may be 8-9ich is much fit.
      Of couse, I measure Lance head, he just 9 ich @@

      My boy is wear 16&18 mm eyes, I think 14mm may be too small.

      About [email protected]@ I don't have [email protected]@
      but If DOLLHEART's pants , just 26CM of hips size, so I think R-line can't wear [email protected]@
      (The shopkeeper help me to measured "School holiday" pants before)

      Shoes....R-line can wear DOLLHEART 13BOYS size ...

      Hope this infomation can help you ^^

      ## My boy just wear the crobi pants @@because I afraid that he can't waer the order [email protected]@
    9. This wouldn't be such a big problem if Crobi made more pants...I guess I will just stalk them until they add stuff to their shop, I have 3 or 4 months anyways.
    10. So... would a LUTS wig fit? And what size? Thanks!
    11. *saved thread*
      I'm looking forward to seeing all the new Nia owners - I'm currently saving up for him too. There's just something about him that makes him sweet. XD

      Now that I'm reading about all these issues the Crobi body might have with apparel from other companies, I hope some of the clothes I have will fit, or I'll be sewing alot after he gets here.
    12. Im currently waiting on a wig from LUTS for my crobi boy so when it gets here I can let you know how it fits if you like.
    13. Luts wig arrived!!!

      I got size 8.5 - 9.5 for Delf and senior Delf and I found the wig a little big however it is on the larger end of that scale as it measured 9.5 exactly so other wigs maybe smaller. I just wrapped a few rubber bands around his head and it fit like a dream ^^

      Peakswood FOC wigs also fit Beautifully!!! So for those looking for some nice looking long ones, they fit nicely ^^
    14. Well I bought my Ys clothing from Dollmore-model size, it seems I will just have to shorten the pants a bit and the fit will be ok. But I'll let you know as soon as I get the parcel and try them on.
    15. My Lance's clothing was all purchased from Sunny's World, and for the most part they fit fine. The pants fall down a bit on his waist, but other than that I would say they're a perfect fit, if not a teensy bit long.

      I haven't been brave enough or had enough spare time to shop around and order clothes for him from any other company- finding pants for them seems to be the hardest. They have the oddest measurements when it comes down to that. ^^;

      Another question, however, what size are their hands in comparison to other dolls? I don't own any other dolls to compare them to, but it was a bit of a challenge to get my boys hands through his jacket sleeves... This could just be because I'm pretty new to the hobby, though. >>;
    16. That was very helpful gallow-thieve :D! Thank you :). I look forward to the results Omi :3 I hope the Dollmore-model clothes will fit ^^! That will make dressing our Crobi boys a lot easier~
    17. @ gallow-thieve: *rummages around* Back when I did a box opening here, I did a quick comparison between the Crobi body hands and my Lati Red's hands and they're a bit bigger! This is pretty surprising, considering that the Lati boys' hands seem to be on the large side too :o

      Also, I just received a Heise kimono outfit (the Burning Flower one, in case anybody wants specifics) yesterday, and the obi totally couldn't close around my boy's waist :sweat I guess they're pretty big around the middle too...
    18. Accidental double-post! Delete please D:
    19. AH~ Love this thread~ :)
      All, need help here.

      I'm planning to buy a Yeon Ho head with Crobi Doll M-Line Boy Body, but I'm confuse about his needs like wig, clothes, etc... @[email protected]

      Any suggestion for it ? I'm planning to buy Luts SDF wigs for him, I hope it will fit his head~
      Thankies before~ :3
    20. Bumping for pants! Having trouble pant-afying the resident Nia/r-line :<

      Souldoll jeans fit, senior delf pants do not x.x