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CrobiDoll : Change doll event~!

Feb 28, 2009

    1. Sorry if wrong when posting this one, please move or delete.. >.<


      Dear everyone~!

      Thank you for loving and supporting us~!
      We'll start to do our new event in March~~
      You can choose doll's body that you want freely while a month only.

      After the end of this event, you can order doll with original body only so please don't miss this event ~!

      Event : You can choose these doll's body that you want freely- Yeon-Ho, Ys, Lance, Nia.

      Event period : 2009.03.04~03.31

      Body option: You can choose one of these two doll bodies- R-line boy body(60cm), M-line boy body (65cm).

      You can change original doll body to other body that you want freely and especially for Yeon-Ho, it's cheaper than order Yeon-Ho head and body separately.

      * Each head and body are compatible so don't worry about matching.

      * If we have rush of orders, it'll be sold out before the end of this event period.

      Have a great time on Crobidoll~!!
    2. Do them fit thor's head?
    3. No, Thor's head would be too small.
    4. The price will be 520 and 570 according to the body that you choose?
    5. So, if I were to order a Yeon-Ho, it would come with a free body?! :D I will definitely be doing that!

      Also, does anyone know how much the Crobidoll shipping costs are? I can't find any information about it on their website. I live in the UK, any help please?
    6. I'm pretty sure you don't get a free body just ordering a Yeon Ho head :sweat I think what they mean is, if you order a Yeon Ho head, you can also order one of the two types of body mentioned above (Yeon Ho doesn't usually come with a body, if I'm not mistaken), and the cost of the Yeon Ho head + body during this event will be cheaper than what it normally would be if you ordered both separately.

      I could be wrong though, since Crobidoll's wording is kind of confusing to me.. but it just seems too good to be true that they'd give you a free body if you just ordered a head off them :sweat
    7. That's exactly what I thought. :/ It seems crazy to give it away for free just for buying a head. But, it doesn't say anything about it being discounted, it just says "freely." That's why I wanted to double check, because it did sound far too good to be true. I hope they do explain it more clearly, because I'm totally confused. *_*
    8. I think by 'freely' they mean without restrictions. So you can choose which ever body you want for those heads.
      Of course, I could be wrong, but that's what I got from it.
    9. That does make more sense.
      Yet, it says that after the event, you can only order it with it's "original body", but the Yeon-Ho doesn't come with an original body... :doh I don't know, I guess I'll just have to wait until the event actually starts and hope for more info.
    10. does anyone know how this event works? I tried putting a doll with the "M" line body in my cart, but it still charged the extra $50, and according to the event, it sounds like you should be able to get either body for the same price.
    11. I think the normal cost for the doll that comes with M-Line body is $570 USD, just like before they started the event. While the doll that comes with R-Line body costs only $520 USD.
    12. I don't think it meant that you are able to get either body for the same price. I think it only means that you can choose either of the bodies, the price dependant on which body you choose, compared to before/after the event where you'll have to deal with whatever body the head comes with.