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Crobidoll daydream Lance & Nao discussion!

May 18, 2009

    1. New boys out from Crobi for their 1st anniversary event!
      I can hardly wait to see what Nao looks like. >w<


      Lance; (limited to 30 worldwide)

    2. Hmm, I wonder if the Lance will be a sleepy/closed eye head? I'm most excited to see Nao though, he looks really nice in the teaser. And I really wonder what size he'll be.
    3. I think he'll be SD-sized because he's in the 'Refrain the Memory' section of the site.
      But you can never be sure :/
    4. I'm seconding that the new Lance is going to be a dreaming/sleeping (especially the 'Daydream' thing.) Although my biggest interest is in Nao, I love crobi boys =). I'm sure it wont be dissapointing!

      Edit: Does anyone know when Nao is being released? It says the Lance will be on the 30th of may...does that imply the Nao will be too?
    5. I really hope the new Lance has nice eyes...maybe dreaming? That would be so cute!
      Are both of the dolls normal skin? Or are they white skin? I can't tell @_@
    6. Dreamy Lance?

      I'm doomed. XD
    7. Oh no! A dreaming Lance and a new doll! I'm done for. I love Crobi way too much for my own good. Why can't money grow on trees?!? Don't we all wish.:(
    8. Oh my gosh, the promo pics look gorgeous. * A* I'm so excited!
    9. From what I can tell, Nao seems pretty similar to Nia...I can't wait to see! >w<
    10. yeap!! I think Nao has less pouty lips than Nia
    11. I'd say Crobi has a great photographer...Their photos are just so amazing.
      I love Lance but still prefer the white skin...
    12. I was just wondering the same thing Izam. From the way Crobi is hiding the eyes I'll bet it's a dreaming version like the Sevy.

      Nao looks gorgeous. Crobi is going to be the death of me >_<
    13. nao to me looks like Nia, but with a less messed up upper lip haha.

      which will probably be so cute, cause that was the only thing i disliked about nia

      im sorta looking forward to seeing the dreaming lance, but its pretty obvious what it will be and i know i wont get one. still...should be fun to see
    14. I wonder if Nao eyes will be sweet as Nia.
      and does anyone know which type of body are them?

      If Nao is sweet and has M-line body
      I'd bring him home !:D
    15. I knew I had seen the dreaming Lance before!
      Maybe this one will be even more sleepy? Or completely sleeping? *shrugg*
    16. New photos on the site! They look great!
    17. now all the photos are released.
      dream lance is so attractive.
      i like him much TAT
    18. Gah they're both so gorgeous...stupid Crobi making me want them when I have no money! >.<
    19. Hmmmmmmmm I must say I am safe from both heads now. *_**_*