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Crobidoll E-Line tinies!

Nov 18, 2010

    1. I didn't see a discussion thread for these guys even though they've been around for awhile:

      Crobidoll E-Line! I find them quite adorable and I think I'm in love with tiny!Lance.

      Limited Love Ara: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1320
      Limited Hair Pin Ara: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1317
      Limited Silver Ring ara: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1316
      Limited Coin Maru: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1318
      Limited Cell phone Maru: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1319

      and newest: Lance Cheshire Kitten: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1489
      and Basic Maru and Ara: http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1492

      I wonder what else we'll see from Crobidoll with these guys? And I wonder if they'll all be limited edition. I hope not. I'm also wondering if they'll make more original sculpts. Ara is pretty much really similar to the minis Heidi, Camille, Marisol and Marie. Maru kind of looks like Milch and Micru. And Lance is...well Lance! XD

      So let's discuss! Does anyone have any of these dolls? How do you like them so far?
    2. Nobody wants to discuss these cuties? Are they good posers? How do they look in person. Anyone planning on ordering Kitten Lance? Did anyone order Ara or Maru?
    3. Well, the problem is I'm not sure how many people on the site actually GOT one. Didn't they sell out in like a day or something?

      I LOVE Ara, she/he looks like a baby Heidi and I have a Crobidoll Marie so I'd love a little sister for her. But unless they re-release them I doubt I'll get one.
    4. I'm not sure. Crobidoll limiteds in general don't stay available for very long since they tend to limit them by numbers rather than order period.

      I noticed that about Ara as soon as I saw her! I have a Marisol as well and I thought at the time, I hope they don't make a tan one because then I'd need to get it. > : I'm safe from the ones released so far but I really hope Crobi will come out with more original and standard E-line dolls.
    5. They're cute...I would love to get one of the Aras, but unless they put them up for sale again, it's fairly unlikely.
    6. I wanted to get Ara during the D2D sale at Crobi, but I was too late. ;m;
    7. ) : Sad face for me too. I only realized that tiny Lance would be perfect for a character of mine AFTER he was sold out. Not that I would have been able to afford him anyway... I wonder if they'll do another version of him (that doesn't include face up or outfits). I really want Crobi to releases some standard tinies.
    8. taixonay>> Perhaps you'll find the little Lance in the marketplace after he starts shipping. I've noticed that with limited versions of popular dolls, a number of them get snapped up for reselling, and I guess, as with many limited releases, some peple buy them on impulse and feel the need to sell them after?

      I do wish they sell their tinies as standards too. ;m; I still want a little Ara...
    9. The tiny Lance ..... I wants one! He's so adorable X3
    10. Well, after missing out on him on his first sale last week, I luckily snatched the last Lance Cheshire Kitten this morning. I'm going to spam him all over the place once he gets here :XD: :dance
    11. O_O Congratulations Sharkyra! : D I saw in the waiting rooom that a couple of other DoA members managed to snatch him up as well. I really can't wait to see owner pics of him.
    12. I've not heard of these dolls before so I was eager to look at the photos. I have to say that the only one that really captures my eye is Silver Ring Ara, although I'm not quite sure what the thing with that red question mark is all about!
    13. They were just some random optional headpieces that you could order with the doll. I think they were supposed to represent expression bubbles that you often see in anime and manga. Doesn't really explain the potted plant and cat though. Pretty much random cute accessories.
    14. [​IMG]

      My dear Cross! <3 I didn't know about this thread until ReaperofLeaves posted it in the LE waiting room. <3

      I can't wait until more people post in here. :D
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    15. Yeah, to be honest Katnekochan, I didn't know there was one. o_0 Cross is so adorable, I can't wait to see both of your Lances together, that will be too cute! :D He reminds me I definitely made the right doll choice. ;)
    16. hm...i'm kind of surprised that i couldn't find much Crobi tinies...i have a silver ring ara and he's adorable! but his little question mark is broken so i have to fix it *_*
    17. Oh, I love Silver Ring Ara!! *u*!!!
    18. I love crobi tiny dolls very much!! But it seems not popular here.
      Actually they are so adorable and I got 4 of them. Here just bring my lovely dolls and hope you all like them.:aheartbea

      boni and silver ring ara



    19. sakuraayase: Thank you so much for providing these pictures!

      I ordered Be Ousted Boni so seeing those pictures of her makes me very happy. She is too adorable! I am getting even more excited to get her! :)