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Crobidoll: Haz

Mar 10, 2011

    1. Haz is looking quiet lovely there, adore the eye shape! Makeup option A is stunning too! I'm not sure how I feel about the open mouth though. I know he's a singer but...well...I'm just not too sure yet. :sweat I've already been contemplating Gillian A or Nao B, oh man...I just don't know now. Sorry boys for being so indecisive! :XD: If there were not so many lovelies I would not have this problem. heh

      Any chance someone would like to share pictures of their Gillian A or Nao B?
    2. Hnnnnggg, I love Haz~ Except, am I the only one who thinks he looks like Lance-ho-Tei + teeth?

      Also, does this mean more band members will get released soon too...? :D
    3. I will be completely sunk if they start releasing the whole band. XD
    4. Question about HAZ limited.
      I only want his outfit lol. Will it be possible to order just the outfit?

      EDIT: obviously i dont know how to read =o=;; it isnt sold seperately, damn.
    5. Maybe you can find someone willing to split an order with you? (trying to find silver lining here)
    6. Wow, I need to not think about how much I love Haz. If I were the sort of collector who had the freedom to buy whatever fullset struck my fancy, I'd be stalking that release so fiercely! I love the sloe-eyed open mouthed dolls, and his styling is adorable! :D
    7. WOW! Crobidoll never ceases to amaze me! This concept is just so cool!!!
    8. What a cutie Haz is! I definitely see some Lance in there, and some Tei, and maybe some of the sweeter-faced Crobis like Nia or Gillian. I wonder if they'll sell that mic at some point. That's exactly the kind of mic I want for Fabian . . .
    9. Haz is soooo Sexy and cutie. He looks very cute in webtoon.
    10. He's... right up my alley... :O
      I love how his expression is so perfect in the mic pictures but also versatile enough that he doesn't perpetually look like he's mid-ballad!
    11. New comic up! Poor Haz, he looks so hungry! XD
    12. wow, Crobi's done it again. Haz is an angel! He looks a LOT like Lance-Tei, agreed. I dont know if the teeth will do it for me but loving the whole kpop vibe in the photos =_=
    13. Just to be clear, Haz is going to be a standard, right? Or is this this making of my delusional mind and wishful thinking???
    14. Wow, he's really lovely, my favorite crobidoll so far! I love dolls with teeth.
    15. Haz is going to be standard,that is for the doll only,the full version is the one going to be limited,which is the one including outfit and wig etc.
    16. TEETHHHHH~~~~! I love how he has teeth <333 and his eye shape is really nice too ^ ^ I'm happy he is a standard ----maybe I will be getting him....IF I don't fall in love with another mold first XD lol
    17. Asked Crobi whether we can expect more band members and instruments, and...

      Ohohoho~ :D I hope they release a bass or a keyboard~
    18. Wow! That would be great!
    19. I sort of don't like the sculpt... (Sorry!) I don't really like the teeth (too much to go wrong there, plus limited photo potential... plus I generally dislike the look of it.), and he seems really half asleep, which, don't get me wrong, can totally be cute, but he's supposed to be a band member... I figured he was supposed to look sort of reveled up. That's just me, though.