Crobidoll I-line body

Oct 4, 2017

    1. Hello!

      I have been searching for clothes for the CrobiDoll I-Line body. I know finding clothes for YOSD is typically hard, but I am having trouble finding anything really that can fit this.

      Does anyone know of any lines of clothing that would fit this size? And I most likely posted this in the wrong section so I am so sorry!!! I am new to the forum.
    2. Most typical "yosd" clothing should fit that body. It's 26cm, which is about average for a 1/6 doll. Plus the proportions seem very standard to the size, so most company's 1/6 clothing should fit her. If you're worried while looking through a company's clothing, look for which doll it's modeled on or made for, then compare the dimensions of that doll to your own.

      Another option is to check etsy, which is where I buy most of my 1/6 clothing at. One of my dolls is a "standard-sized" yosd and the other, though technically a 1/6 scale, is 30cm with wide hips, a tiny bust, and the head the size of a 1/4 doll. Having the option from shops to do a custom order is great for those odd-sized dolls. A lot of the time on etsy, 1/6 clothing is modelled on a very common yosd such as a Fairyland Littlefee, which is kind of seen as a standard basis of yosd size. Littlefee dimensions are very similar in size to your doll, so anything a Littlefee could wear, most likely your doll could too.