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Crobidoll : Jerome / Marisol & Marie / Camille & Heidi / Gillian & Dante

Nov 11, 2009

    1. It looks like Crobi is going to release new dolls~!!! :D

      Link :

      :aheartbea Marisol and Marie are limited editions. Camille and Heidi are not.
      :aheartbea There are 2 types of Jerome... A & B~!!
      :aheartbea There are 2 types of Gillian... A & B~!!
      :aheartbea And a Limited Mature Line - Dante!! Only 30 in the whole world! :)

      Photos are available at the site! :D
    2. Yesterday Camille and Heidi weren't there, and there's still one more space blank in the banner, so it's possible that even more dolls than this will be released. We'll have to wait for the announcement (I assume it will be part of some Holiday event).
    3. All the dolls have been posted up save for Jerome so far :)
    4. Are they all the same sculpt, except Jerome?
    5. Yes, I believe they are. I was just going to comment on that. All four MSDs seem to be the same head sculpt except that the girls are all different skin tones, and Camille is a boy. So really, they have released one new doll, in both genders and limited skintones. XD
    6. Jerome's photos are out! XD
    7. are they sold out already? you mentioned they are on sale - but it says sold out...
    8. Not on sale yet :D

    9. The pictures have now been updated :)
    10. Dante and the other "SD" size boys are actually pretty tall - about 66cm, according to the info under all the lovely pictures!
    11. Since Dante is not in normal skin, is their a Dante look alike
    12. Dante is tanned Gillian. So Gillian is Dante, in Normal Skin. :)
      The face sculpt is the same. As with Ys and Mikhail.
    13. Will the dolls (excluding Dante) eventually be restocked? Because as an announcement, Crobidoll says:
    14. I think "some of them" means only the Limited Editions... :D
    15. They are now for sale :)