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Crobidoll Kyul Witch ver. Limited

Sep 15, 2011

    1. Here's where we can squee about the new Crobi R-line boy Kyul :D.
      Official sales page:

      I'm seeing Yeon-Ho and Zack/Lance-ish qualities in him, with maybe a hint of Jun's sweet cheeks . . . love that sultry look, and that super hot outfit he's in :aheartbea.
    2. Thanks for starting the thread. Oh, he really is great!
    3. Continuing the conversation from the news thread, my thinking is that because he's the "witch version" here that there will be at least other Kyul LEs, if not a new basic. It's great to see a snarky new R-line boy to balance out Jun and Haz :sweat.

      I foresee somebody making a great pair of brothers with Yeon-Ho and Kyul! ;)
    4. whoa! He's definitiely a hottie! but soooo expensive :(
    5. Eek! I do hope they will release a basic version of him! I'm already hating myself for not being able to get him now since my funds probably got hit badly by the DD Lance and all those SOOM releases T_T

      I always thought he was a mix of Yeon-ho and Zack, but now that you mentioned it, he does seem to have Lance's lips! Too much of a good thing certainly isn't such a bad thing after all! :D
    6. I actually think he looks the most like how Haz would look if he had a different facial expression, if that makes sense. A lot of the Crobis have a family resemblance, though.
    7. I like how round his jaw is in comparison to other crobidolls!
      It's, I dunno, it feels different xD
    8. Whoa, he's on sale and not sold out? I find that a little bizarre . . . Wish I had the cash myself, I love everything about that fullset.
    9. I found it weird that Camille was the first to get sold out and not Kyul! Probably a good thing for me though, since I've been hoping he'd stay on for a little longer while I dig funds out T_T I'd love to get my hands on that outfit...it looks amazing!
    10. I am safe right now, spend too much money already now I need to rob a bank LOL
    11. I think probably most people who like him simply don't have that much money to spend upfront, plus he isn't as limited as their other dolls in that price range were. I'm going to pass on these releases, but I'm glad to see that Crobidoll is making more copies of their limiteds! (Camille was my favorite from this set, but I already had a Camille and the Hansel version wasn't different enough for me to get a second.)
    12. So anyone else get a Kyul? I can't be the only one :D I've got one on layaway with DolK and just made my first payment. It's a bit of strech for me money wise but i've been wanting a cookie cream crobidoll since they first came out with them, i'm so glad dollk allowed me a slightly longer layaway then they usally offer.

      His oufit is great too, the cloak is slightly reminiscent of dollheart's fer, I think!
    13. Sillypeach You're so lucky! I tried stalking dolk every day to see when kyul would pop up there, but when he finally did, he was already sold out T_T Do share pics of him when he arrives! I'm more in love with the outfit than I am of that cookie skin, so I'd be pretty sad even if he's released as a normal version ):
    14. Okay, I think Crobidoll might be preparing to put a cancellation Kyul or two up. I'm not sure, but at the moment his soldout sign's gone. I tried putting one in my cart and it worked, except that the price still shows as 0.00 :sweat.
    15. I'm not too sure about whether it's because of cancellations, since it has been about 15 days since the sale =/ Plus they didn't announce the usual pay-by-or-it-goes-back-on-sale date! I'll be stalking the site>.< Hoping it's not too late to snatch him up now :'(
    16. Yeah, I don't know what they're doing. I wonder if they realize they seem to be offering him for free at the moment?