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Crobidoll Lance ~Soft White~ Limited + Crobi boy body

Sep 11, 2008

    1. Anyone else see this new boy?? Anyone think they will sell the head separate? How much do you think the limited will be ? Isn't this Crobidoll's first limited?

    2. I. Need. That. Body. *dies inside* But I don't want the head, so I'm hoping that they'll sell the bodies separately... or that somebody would want to split? D:

      I'm finding it hard to tell whether they're keeping just this edition of Lance limited, or whether they're keeping the white skin option itself limited. Hmm... I hope they release more details. >:
    3. I really want that body too! I hope they release it in their normal skin^^
    4. Do those that have a lance see a lot of difference in the skin tone from the pictures?
    5. That limited is sold as body and head. Whole doll... As white skin... Hmmm

      I have to say that I'm really disapointed for that body. I don't like it at all... It's away too feminine. And no muscles! Why not even a little? Oh, why ;_______;

      But however, I want him!
    6. That's why I want the head! I'd love to use the new B&G boy body with him.
    7. Wow, I just noticed that this boy's body has some pretty interesting measurements... like 8.5cm feet? Those are pretty big. o_o;

      PS. parisbvamp, I sent you a PM. :3
    8. *Gasp* *Exclaims breathlessly* Limited edition! Limited edition! I really like Lance. He's already pale enough in NS for me, but I really want to see owner photos of the WS anyway. I was excited to see they were selling a body to match, but I have to agree with Reno: I don't like it much. For me, he looks a little... anorexic? Not exactly, but look at the hip bones in comparison to that odd dip in the stomach for the picture. I'm glad people like it though. ^^ Makes it easier for those buying Lance to get a body for him!
    9. I loved the WS Lance... I was hoping Crobidoll released WS dolls, and :ance is too gorgeous! <3

      Just a question: does Crobidoll accept Credit Card payment? o.o I can't find that information...
    10. I want that body for my Angelo. ;o; He's on the old DIM body and it gives me fits - that one is GORGEOUS. PFFFFT, RESIN MATCH, WHO CARES - that's what redoing his faceup with better blushing is for! :D

      I hope they decide to make white skin a regular option - I'd love a white-skinned Thor with all my heart. <3 ... though Lance is making a bid. Man, their photos are beautiful.
    11. I find the body really unattractive and unrefined and unpolished. Especially the neck it looked horrible with the head...............I'm curious about resin matches though.
    12. hai i want to know the resin match, the body does have a very soft touch to it, and with the right moding it would be a wonderful work of art
    13. Izam: i was kind of disappointed too, the legs esp, lack of definition and is really skinny compare to other parts of the body, not fond of the way they do the chest too, u are right about the neck.
      I like the height though ;_;!! perfect height for one of my boys but... T_T
    14. Well, I've got one of these boys coming my way now, so we'll see how this body actually is in real life then. XD"

      Also, I just did a quick test, and there's currently 23 left in stock.
    15. Ahhhh... I love Crobidoll Lance. *swoons* :love
    16. *dances around* I can't wait for him to arrive!
    17. I LOVE the sculpt of Lance&#8217;s head, but like some of the others who have already replied, don&#8217;t think that the body matches up with the mold at all. The neck seems too masculine for the soft curve of Lance&#8217;s chin and jaw line while the rest of the body seems very feminine... It&#8217;s very disappointing.

      I would LOVE to do a split, however! His head is simply gorgeous and Faceup A is amazing! I wouldn&#8217;t mind putting that head on a Crobi girl body or perhaps a B&G one. +0+
    18. I'm putting the head on a B&G type 2 boy body. But that's cause I love the B&G sculpt. It's not too masculine like the DOI, and not too boyish like most of the Delf or DOT size dolls. Plus the size is pretty real. A lot of the male dolls have wider hips, which isn't how boys are at all. They are pretty straight. Plus B&G have great resin matches to other companies.

      But this ws lance is going to be so amazing. I so can't wait to get him. I don't hate the body, but it's like a lot of other bodies out there right now. And when there is this much money involved it's okay to be picky. :)
    19. Oh man. ; ^ ; ... I had liked the Lance mold before, but now, geeze... OF COURSE, they release it right after I go and spend money on a bunch of group orders.

      Does anyone know how many are left, or if Crobidoll offers a layaway on them? :XD:
    20. I can't seem to find info about layaway options, but I did another check and it seems they have 21 left in stock. They're not exactly going like hotcakes, which is either a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. XD"