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Crobidoll - Lance, Thor, Marcel

May 21, 2008

    1. :D

      :D :D

      :D :D :D

      I don't know how new they are, but they can't have been around long. I was procrastinating on homework just now and wandered over to ndoll.net to check on whether they'd restocked a certain pair of shoes and THERE THEY WERE and now my bjd fates are forever altered and...and... :aheartbea

      Lance is mine. He'll look so, so good next to an F-16. They could be brothers.

      YUNA/Napi/Crobidoll, you rock.
    2. wow! Must be new company surely? They are fantastic! Thor and Marcel are a bit too girly for my liking, but Lance wowowowowo! Must have! :D
    3. SWEET JESUS! Lance, and I mean both versions, are LOVE!
      I really want to know if the ship internationally..does anyone know?

      ahhh...I think I'll try and go for Lance >_>..*goes into discussion with her bankaccount*

    4. Man, if ever I wanted to have Blues become a grown-up ... Lance would be it.

      He's so pretty! Either light or dark!
    5. Gosh, those are some serious cuties there, all of em!
    6. does anyone as any idea if they take overseas order too.. :D lance looks really great~
    7. Lance is really handsome *ç* He would be correct for one of my characters. I can't xait to see more. The head is around 114$, not too high... But I can't have three "no body" head again XD
      And Thor would make a really pretty girl.
      Their accessories are cool too. I hope somebody will have one on the board to see more !
    8. They're available on nDoll, so you can order them there. ^^
    9. shiroi_yukiko>> oh my! thanks so much for your help~! :D
    10. Lance is beautiful... and I think Marcel would make an adorable girl with the right faceup! ^_~
    11. I was just flicking through the news section and saw THE post.... I'm in love! :aheartbea Lance is hot and Thor makes a beautiful girl. In fact I was certain Thor was a female because 'its' head is 8.5 inches and the others are 9 inches.

      Oh well, either way, I think Lance will probably be my first stand alone head purchase! Will need a body, the original site mentions "Body : SD13세, Senior Delf, Ai" so I assume that is a recommendation for the body type to get.

      YUNA has designed some beautiful dolls! :aheartbea

    12. Wow! The company pics look really nice. I can't wait to see some owner pics though. I'd be interested in seeing Marcel as a girl but if they ever make a dreaming head of him - I'm doomed.

      I agree that Lance has some CP/F-16 resemblances. The faceup on him is really beautiful. He looks like a really versatile mold!
    13. I really like all of them. But I agree that Lance just might be the star. :)
    14. :oClone me a F-16 and BAM Lance is so:drool:love but I need a body first....not a bad price either;)
    15. Wow, I'm pretty impressed by Lance. I think he'd make a HOT girl. Hm. Well, I guess I'll have to wait to see owner shots before I make any decisions.
    16. So are these lovelies sold as heads only? Or does nDoll just sell them as stand alone heads?
    17. hmmmm i have my eye on one -.-
    18. Gorgeous :D:D!!!!! I wonder if they fit on the SD17 body?
    19. These sculpts literally took my breath away. They are STUNNING.

      Just when I was telling myself I WASN'T going to get anymore big dolls T_T

      I am also rejoicing at seeing some really good company photos. They really show the faceups crisply, and the resin which looks so fresh :o

      I wonder if she will ever put out a white skin...

      Also, I put up my guesses for Lance's lineage! He looks like a Volks Williams and a School A had a love child. A really really really HOT love child :love