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Crobidoll new doll: Eris

Nov 5, 2008

    1. I couldn't find this here, so did nobody see her yet?

      Click for preview on Crobidoll site.

      Eris A
      Eris B

      It seems she has detachable ears! :D
    2. That is Eris by DreamingDoll. I didn't know CrobiDoll carried Dreaming Doll! That's cool to know! Since I have such trouble navigating the Korean Dreaming Doll site.
    3. crobidoll has been carrying dreaming doll stuff since day 1 or somewhere close to that^^ before the new crobidoll body (the one that now comes with the reissued Lance), the body that's sold there was dreaming doll's
    4. I'd like to know is what is being offered the same doll, but with two make up versions? She is gorgeous!