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Crobidoll Special - LE Valentine's Release!

Feb 10, 2010

    1. Original News Thread: http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=354234


      KWAAA~! TAN SKIN! (Ok, "Mocha Brown Skin", but still!)
      Awesome! :aheartbea

      I like B. :3 I want B. Will I be able to afford B?! NOOOO~! :...( So sad.
    2. Pretty! :D And the headphones are fantastic - they don't look like the ones Crobi currently sells though. They don't look like DIM headphones either. Anyone recognize the make of those headphones?

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are a prototype for headphones that Crobi will sell, because the paint job on them is really realistic...
    3. Ah..<3 Crobi couldn't have picked a better time, they go on sale when my tax return gets here! -laughs- I wanted a Mikhail Christmas of '08 and was so upset not to get him..he's been one of my dream dolls and now I can hopefully get one. -dances-
    4. Oooh, yummy skintone! And its Mikhail! Why is it when I could never possibly come up with the money? :(
    5. He's so pretty. I want him, but I doubt I'd ever be able to afford him. D:
    6. FFFFF why Crobi?! I asked them a couple months ago if they were ever going to re-release him and they said no! Gah OTL
    7. gosh I love Mikhail. Wonder how much he will cost. Anyone remember what the cost was on the first one?
    8. About $600. Plus the hefty shipping, so closer to $700 when you're done. (Plus faceup if you get that - $66 for standard, $88 for special)
      I also kicked myself about missing out on the '08 boy -and asked them back then if they would ever re-release him since I'd missed him by days and had gotten the "no", so leaped at Dante when he was released. :)
      If they use the same color for this Mikhail as they did for Dante, I have to say it's a very nice shade! Seems fairly stable so far, too. :)
    9. oh, Crobidoll, how did you know I love Mikhail?

      And if it wasn't for the bodies or my pocket DX
    10. Welp, there goes another paycheck *crosses fiingers*

    11. LOL... I wonder if this is because of my Mikhail? :sweat
      I sent his head over to Crobidoll a while back for a re-face up~
      Then this happens! LOL... Can't help wondering... :sweat

      20 world wide... add 30 the last batch... that's 50 in all. :|
      I won't buy another one... But aernath-neesan's right...
      If the skin is the same as the old one (they said tanned skin!)
      then it will be a beautiful color, even and beautiful~ :aheartbea

    12. Ooh, i love the limited b one! It's so hard to find a nicely tanned doll.
    13. The price for '08 Mikhail (w/ scar face-up) came to $633. That didn't include the shipping though which was an extra $72. The face-up price for this new Mikhail is more expensive than the older version though. He's a gorgeous shade of tan, but I think this new Mikhail is a lighter shade.
    14. Really?? But the description says : Mikhail head + body (tanned skin)... :o
      Is it a different shade of tan? It looks lighter in the photos though...
      Gyaaaa... :...( You make me want this one!
    15. I want the original darker tan :...(

      I'm still interested though.
    16. In the description for Valentine's Day Mikhail it says his skin color is "Mocha Brown" and original Mikhail skin color was simply "Tanning". That makes me believe that the skin colors will be different. I may be wrong though...

      I was hoping they would release something special for Valentine's Day. I was planning on ordering a Crobi Nao but I held off...I'm happy that I did. Will I actually be able to snag one of these boys? That's the question, ha ha!
    17. I honestly really want Mikhail, but it doesn't say it includes clothes, but will it? I mean, didn't the original come with some? or is that something I made up?
    18. Just the name of his skin makes me go wow. He looks amazing. I've always loved Mikhail :fangirl:
    19. No, original Mikhail didn't come with any clothes...just a set of random eyes.
    20. I hope it's the darker one :)

      fransyung has sent an email to Crobidoll so it will be interested to hear what they say!