Crobidoll T-Line Discussion thread

Mar 5, 2012

    1. Crobidoll will release a new doll line on 9th March 2012! They are 16 cm tall and soooo adorable.

      The new dolls are named Bana, Berry, Wooyu, Coffee and Choco. Who is your favourite?

      By the way, does Wooyu mean "milk"? I can see were the other names come from but Wooyu?
    2. yep, wooyu (우유) means milk~
      the dollies are cute <3
      but i wish they had come up with msd-s instead
    3. Wow, they are so cute! :D
      I think I might be in the minority here, but I love coffee. He looks so grumpy and reminds me a bit of some of their bigger boys.
    4. Baw, I keep seeing 15cm dolls I like, but that size is just too small for me. I don't how to sew for that size range.

      I like Choco, really cute! I'm also a sucker for tan skin.
    5. Berry is sooo cute :fangirl:

      But I just can't have this size of doll, as well
      mostly like, other prioritys... D:

      (in really, was hoping a new line with 50cm though like zaoll, excitingly xD
      one day maybe, one day....)
    6. look soo cute, where is money when you need it.
    7. Wow, they are crazy bobble-headed! They remind me a bit of the Lati-Yellow dolls.
    8. Do you know if you have to have an account on Crobi's site to be able to send the email for the vote of the favorite new T-line?
    9. I'm completely with you on the Bobble-headed-ness! *_*
      I'm a bit disappointed (hoping it was a bigger sized doll)
      But otherwise adorable :) I voted for Bana but I'm starting to like Berry more.
      Not that I would buy these cuties thou..
    10. You don't have to, just send them an email to the one they give you on the pop-up/notice ^u^
    11. Body pics are up! Looks like the bodies pose quite well.
      Too sad that my dolly money for this month will go elsewhere.
    12. I'm thinking I will be participating in this event. I really love Choco and Coffee! The moment I saw them, I had ideas for how they would fit into my dolly collection, and now I can't get them out of my head... >A<
    13. I really like choco but...that body OTL Why one-piece torso crobi, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :...(
    14. Ahh! I shouldn't have looked!! They're all so cute~ I love the theme too! I think Bana is my favourite, but it's tough to choose, I like Berry and Choco too~:D
      Wait... Does this mean Crobi will be stocking 15cm-size clothing and wigs? *o*
    15. I love Berry's face and resin color, but I think they are a bit too bubble-headed for me. Maybe they'll grow on me, though. I look forward to owner pictures!
    16. Berry is sooo cute with her little mouth and sweet features. Am sorely tempted by her even though I told myself I was getting out of tinies. *_*
    17. I love de wooyu! so cute little boy *_______*
    18. OMG they are all too adorable, even if the head looks a bit big but that's probably because it's so tiny? I love choco and milk, though Bana is also adorable! *dies of the cute* >w<
    19. I like Choco but I don't want 16cm T.T
      A little disappointed, thought it was E-line or bigger doll.