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Publication Crobidoll will be closed temporarily for Korean holiday~!

Jan 17, 2012

    1. note to mod : feel free to delete this news if its out of topic

      website : http://crobidolls.com/index.php

      Crobidoll will be closed temporarily from Korean holiday

      Crobidoll will be Off for shipment and other works during Korean holiday.
      We hope your kind understanding :)

      Date: 2012.01.21~2010.01.25

      During this time, all the shipment will be stopped.
      After holiday, 25th, Jan., all the schedule will be started as usual.

      Always thank you for your supports and big, big loves for Crobidoll >_<
      We hope your really great and happy New Year with Crobidoll ~^-^*


      so for all customer who order from crobidoll and got a delay for shipment or making the doll progress do please understand :)
      even company need some holiday too ~