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Crobidoll Yeon-Ho

Aug 1, 2008

    1. I don't see the new doll anywhere...
    2. Sorry. I edited it.
    3. HOMG. Crobidoll is AMAZING *____* When I want to buy Lance, they gonna release new doll >[]<
      Can't wait to see the new ones *___*! :aheartbea
    4. He looks gorgeous...!! The styling on their guys is always so gorgeous... YeonHo looks to be no different. I hope they post more pics/info soon!
    5. Can anyone translate the text in the video story? I'm interested to know what it says.
    6. oh my GOD O_O

    7. OMG He is too gorgeous :D:D:D:D
    8. Yeon-Ho looks gorgeous, and that flash movie is just too cute! :aheartbea He looks so sweet that I might just have to add him to my wishlist. :)

      I'm beginning to fall in love with a lot of the Crobidoll heads already and I really love the clothes those guys are wearing too! I wonder if they'll be released for sale?
    9. does anyone have screen caps of the video? ^^ I can't find any still pictures of him

      (edit: I just realised that's him on the banner :sweat but still, any other pictures are more than welcome X3)
    10. welll i found my kitten?!!!!! now i'll just have to wait on soom to decide
    11. Main page has him on the top banner.
    12. wow! very atractive boy! *______* now I feel in love!
      When they release him?
    13. Beautiful! just beautiful! OMG> AHHH.

      I watched the video 4 times, and each time there was more footage!??? Was this an odd Mac computer occurrence, or artful creation of suspense by crobi web artist? D: lol (in any case, it worked. -but I want to see more of him before I make declarations of want ... eeh)
    14. Ahhhhh! Just when I want to make an order for lance, this comes up ;A; Now i'm unsure if I should wait for Yeoh-ho too ;A;
    15. Crobidoll never stops surprising meh! XDD
      The new head mold is beautiful. Love that white fox image. :D
    16. This happened to me too and I do not have a Mac.
    17. ohh myy~ he looks great~ i love his eyes!! *w*
    18. T-T I think I might be doomed, I like pouty mouths.
    19. ahh... crobi...

      u never fail to impress me... *.*