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Crobidoll YS Day Dream (Soft White) LE

Jan 20, 2012

    1. hi there ^^ this is just come out from crobidoll page (i'm stalking CB so i think i'm the first to see) :fangirl:

      new doll : http://crobidolls.com/shop/step1.php?number=1980
      YS Day Dream Soft White Limited Edition , only 5ea world wide

      order : ONLY Via DOLK!
      * This is a doll produced by collaboration of CROBIDOLL and DOLK.
      * You can purchase it only from DOLK site.
      * This is a doll with authenticity, which is supervised and produced by CROBIDOLL.
      * You can receive all of the advantages for event or A/S by CROBIDOLL.

      Link to DOLK jp : http://dolk.jp/
      Link to YS DD : http://dolk.jp/?tid=7&mode=f8
      Link to Dolk en / DOLKWORLD : http://dolkworld.com/index.php

      i'm gonna guess there will be click battle when he got release :)