Crobidoll Ys, Nia, Mikhail & M-Line Boy Body

Dec 2, 2008

    1. <-News thread

      New regular boys Ys & Nia, and limited tanned boy Mikhail, and new mature 66cm boy body. Damn you, Crobi... three new boys AND a hot new body? Discuss!

      Personally loving the bod (the HIPS *,*) and will now have to go look up Crobi resin matches again. Also, Nia looks like Lance's less-pouty brother X3
    2. Oh man they are ALL pretty! *___* Especially Ys and Nia, I'm so glad they aren't limited! I think I'm totally in love with Nia! He's so adorable!
    3. I....I NEED Ys....I need him so badly ;_;

      EDIT: that I've calmed...

      The new body is a strange height, 66CM? Taller than DoD and shorter than the 'Super Large' dolls. Although I feel as though it is a good size!! My only problem with the M body is the way the chest joint is sculpted. But...over all it's gorgeous <3
    4. Mikhail will forever haunt my most beautiful dreams...:aheartbea
      They all look amazing!
    5. Oh they just have to release a tan skinned boy! Darn the tasty crobi boys.... and him being limited.
    6. *** Sorry question, for Crobidoll, what is their paypal address? Is it [email protected]??

      Thank you

      Only 15 of Mikhal left.....

      Ys is handsome; the M body looks pretty good, I hope I can find outfit for this body and I hope this resin color somewhat match to Volks Sunlight (praying that it somewhat matches)
    7. I can be wrong but seeing the pictures think it's darker than Volks sunlight.
    8. Yes... all are amazing! But I love Mikhail! Only 15 left? Oh my... that's fast!
      anavel - yes, their paypal address is [email protected]

      P.S. I'm going dead broke this Xmas, just placed the order for Mikhail
    9. Tanned Mihkael! I'm feeling in love ))
    10. Only 15 of Mikhail left already? oh noes :(.... There goes me trying to save for him. He's so beautiful and TAN :aheartbea
    11. I absolutely love love love Nia. He fits a character that I had not yet found a sculpt for, so there goes another doll to my waiting list... I wonder if they will ever consider releasing him in a white skin, maybe by the time I get around to getting him. He's so lovely...
    12. Man, I am so sad that they didn't incorporate the thigh joints into their original 63cm bod ><; Not to mention the fact that it looks like they reworked the feet for the M-Line body so there's a greater range of movement there too...
    13. This is why I refuse to look at his page, lol! Can't miss what you don't know exists. ;)
    14. I must have Nia! :lovev He's adorable! too bad you cant just get the head:(
    15. Omg, they're gorgeous. T_T Why must the exchange rate be so crass right now~ Ys appeals to me. X_x
    16. wahhh... 66cm*____* (though i would rather have liked it 67-68 or so... but can do!) kind of feels flat at the elbow joint though... but at least it's all doublejointed!

      i wish they would sell this body separately, and in white skin!

      Ys reminds me of a Moon =3
    17. Nia would make the most adorable girl! (I was actually really dissapointed when I realized the mold was male. :lol:) I love the way Crobidoll sculpts their lips.​
    18. ...I can't stop staring at Mikhail. >.< Arrrgggh, there's no way I can save up the money for him before he sells out, so I really should stop looking. He's just so prettyfull, though.... *_*

      ...I also with they'd sell the body separate in white skin...I'd totally get one for my Leekeworld Cliffe if they did. 83
    19. Nia is actually pretty cute, but there is something about the R-line and M-line bodies that I don't quite like... maybe the chest sculpt?
    20. Omg. I want all of them *o*

      Nia is totally on my wish list and Ys is coming home next. Let's hope I can find pants for the poor boy xD.