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Crobidoll's full set series ~Alice's Adventures In Dark Land~

May 18, 2010

    1. Discussion thread here^^
      I'm sooo excited, really looking forward to this :D
      the outfits and make-ups are just love
    2. It's a limited edition and we'll sell it only 2ea world wide.

      Are you kidding me? Only TWO?

      Edit: After looking them over I'm gonna try for that dreaming Lance since I have a WTB up for him...but really just 2, I wanna cry lol.
    3. I'm smitten with the Mad Hatter... but only 2! :...(
    4. I need to stop looking at them lol I love the white rabbit as well. Luckily the molds aren't limited, well except for the daydreaming Lance. >.< Doesn't look like they take layaway huh?
    5. Wow, I love them all! But especially mad hatter... :D
    6. Hur I've already given up. >.>; *wants, but doesn't feel like trying*

    7. Lol same here.
    8. H-Huh? Are they already sold out, or is it just like a teaser release?
    9. According to Crobi's site they go on sale on May 20th, 06:00 pm. (Korea standard time) So they're not sold out....yet. lol Good luck to those trying for any of them. ^__^

    10. lance and yeon-ho are just stunning! they seem to grab all the charm of Elias!
      however, i am wondering, what the price will be,it is a just 2ea edition!
      i absolutely don't feel that, it is a anniversary celebration event, it is more likely a dolpa or any
      Most doll houses would lower it's price to thank customers at anniversary, but, obviously, crobi is not one of them!
    11. Thanks for the heads up tadase!
    12. They are all so gorgeous. @_@ I love the dreaming Lance especially. Too bad they will only sell two. x_x Whoever gets them is really lucky. xD
    13. I love the Mad Hatter Ys, but other than him I'm not too fond of the set. The Dreaming Lance kind of frightens me, actually.

      The other limited though, Ellas, he's gorgeous, especially type A... I'd love that outfit set and that wig, if anything. :P
    14. OH MAN! I want that Chesire Lance :(
      He looks so dawn sexy with this whole style!
      No money and no chance to get XD
    15. I must admit, I'm totally digging Lance the, erm, 'Heart Queen'. LOL! I'm usually not a big fan of pink, but those luscious curls paired with that frosted pink face-up and that outfit (can we say sexy thighs, oh yes I think we can) = YUM!
    16. It's a limited edition and we'll sell it only 2ea world wide. \

      What the heck seriously? That's crap man. Maybe we should all keep this a secret so no one else grabs them? xD Lol jk jk.
      They're absolutely gorgeous though. I need to stay away from boys though. Must...stay...away...no...stop Dx
      I really want the Cheshire as well, but Nia is my favorite Crobidoll sculpt. I actually really like the Heart Queen too...Dx
      I don't even know why I'm acting like I can decide; I can't get them! LOL
      I'm really hoping that they get bought by people on DoA so we can see a lot of pictures when they come! O_o *drools*
    17. Haha same here, can't get them unless the money faeries leave some big bucks under my pillow tonight. XD

      Actually really loving the white rabbit and am pretty sure I don't need the daydreaming lance, because I'd need to wipe the faceup off. So hopefully Crobi will release the daydreaming lance again. :| Still the queen and the rabbit are spectacular.
    18. I looked, fell in love and it broke my heart. They're so gorgeous especially Lance and Yeon-Ho. XD They are so sexy X3 but. I don't have any money left XD goodluck to those who will get them XD
    19. 2?

      That's ridiculous, they should at least run a lottery for them instead of breaking everyone's hearts when the server gets flooded like crazy.
    20. Ffff, I really the cheshire lance and that lovely skin, but ofc they release it during the school week when I don't have the option of staying up until 4 in the morning...


      Agreed :/
      At least then people would stand a chance.