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crochet patterns/resources for tinies?

Jan 26, 2007

    1. I have seen a knitting thread but nothing for crochet patterns or resources.

      I would love to make some thread crocheted pieces for the family tinies since I know how to crochet but not how to knit.

      Can someone point me in the direction of some free online patterns and books to purchase?

      I have seen some ready-to-purchase crochet dresses here and it would be great to have those folks add their information here for future reference, if possible.

      FYI for sizes: I have two Elf Elly boys(Banji and Lime) and my mother has a vampire So Ji girl. I will be getting a vampire So Ye boy in the near future (winged WS) and my mother wants a vampire So boy (sculpt unknown) at some point.

      I have purchased lots of Kelly clothes for our dolls, my mother's doll has some OD dresses and Dollmore will be getting more of my money soon - I need more EE clothes for my chibis.

      Thanks for your help!
    2. I heartily second this request! I know how to crochet as well as knit, but I want my creations for my newly ordered Elfdoll Hana Angel to be more "etherial" in design and crochet is better suited to that. Please show some "crochet love" to us needy tiny lovers! :aheartbea
    3. I have seen some dress patterns in crochet that would fit Hana. I googled "Crochet doll clothes" Most of them list Barbie stuff but there are some for 8 to 9" dolls.
    4. Now that the Rainman tinies are no longer going to be made, we may have to make our own tiny clothes. I have Min, Kiwi, and now Bong and they are all TINY! Although my Kiwi is bigger than the sisters, especially in the waist and hand.
    5. Although I can knit, crocheting is more comfortable and quicker for me, and I've had the same problems resourcing patterns for my Elf Elly Banji girl. I ended up buying a book of crochet patterns for dollhouse miniatures and adapting the ladies' clothes patterns for her.

    6. I love crocheting for the tinies! I have made several patterns for other dolls (Riley, Ann Estelle, LeeAnn, and the 10" Boneka girls) that should work for some of our little ones. I am working on one for my pocket fairy right now. I would be glad to share the ones I have.
    7. Oooooo-o-o we'd love to see photos of your creations if you have any you can share. And didn't I read somewhere that Elfdoll Hana can wear Riley clothes? So of course I'd be interested in any patterns for those. :D
    8. book marking the thead
      Although I can do just about anything with a knitting needle

      Im not too good at all with a hook and would love to give it a go ;)
    9. Sweetiemom, I love you!!! :aheartbea Those are exactly the styles I was questing for my Elfdoll Hana Angel.:aangel: You do fabulous design work and getting my hands on these patterns would be an absolute Godsend! I have PM'd you.

      And redcountess, thank you so much for the link to Biscuitbear's stuff. I've just GOT to knit one of those little bear outfits as well.:thumbup
    10. I have made a crocheted outfit for my pury but I haven't made the pattern... I just start work and then modify the work during the process. I need to try the outfit sereval times but crochet is a quick work...

      I will make something also for my catsy !

      Little photo here:

      Please tell others about this thread so it can be a one-stop crochet resource for everyone here at DoA.

      My EE guys can wear the small Kelly/Tommy shirts, sandals and some of the pants (which are long shorts on them).


      I recently purchased Kelly patterns (for fabric) so I can make long pants for them. I am going to try and use the patterns as guides to try some crochet pieces.

      I am looking for BOY clothing, not girl clothing.

      The Kelly dresses are too short for an EE girl but work fine as short dresses for the OD So. My mother's vampire Ji has some cute white bloomers that work great under the dresses.

      Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

      I love the short-sleeved sweater and hat - they would work well for my guys, especially chibi Shu.

      Great stuff, Sealpup!

      Years ago, I was ready to take knitting classes but they never offered them when I could take them - too much RL stuff happening.

      I took crochet classes from the same place and loved it.

      I guess I need to try and find someplace with classes. I do better learning from someone with visual aids over trying to learn from a book.

      Really cute! I hope you get your catsy outfit done soon and show us!
    12. Can anyone help me, as the untrained person that I am... :(
      I am self taught at crocheting. So as I am looking at these patterns, I am so confused. What does these abreviations mean...?
      And... WORK SHELL

      Thank you to anyone that can help me!
    13. what are you tryig to do?
      well let´s see:

      ch= chain
      sc=single crochet
      sts= stitches

      and shell is another stich.

      But if you are still learning maybe you could try to start with single or double crochet. They are easier for a begginer.

      Hope that helps.
    14. Thank you!
      I have been crocheting for 15 years, but untaught. I know how to do the basics, and have done ok with those (I make a lot of dollfie bikini's) I used to make baby blankets for friends. I have never used a pattern before. :)
      I have two new tinies on their way, and thought I would try and do some small stuff, with some of these nice patterns. I can't wait to get started!
    15. Thanks for starting this thread. It's very useful for someone like me.

      I've always thought crocheting would be easier than knitting, but I can be so wrong. Just found out I can't manage to follow the crochet patterns I bought for making hats. The hat (with a brim) I crochetted went flat like a coaster (bwahahaahaa laughing at myself). So I went back and check again the rows of patterns to be sure I didnt miss out anything. I was pretty sure I followed every row properly. Could someone kindly give me a clue as to how to make it shape more like a hat?
    16. Yes, instead of continuing to increase to keep it flat, you want to work it even so that it takes on the shape of a dome or hat. The crown would be flat, but where you want it to start sloping downwards, you need to increase less or not at all so that it hugs the head.

      Hope this makes sense and that it helps....