Crocs for Dolls. Is there anything worse?

Apr 12, 2019

    1. Doll crocs.

      Using baby sized crocs for your giant SD sized dolls. :nowords:

      Come up with something worse than crocs for dolls. I dare you.
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    2. From country Australia I bring you: Crocs with pulled high pilly socks.
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    3. I REALLY want some now.
      This is all your fault. :XD:
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    4. This makes me hunger for a comfy 70cm doll
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    5. In the same vein as crocks with socks, any type of sandal or flipflop with socks.

      Another awful idea (or maybe genious) model kits to scale with 1/6 or smaller dolls that you can assemble. The dexterity required would be god-tier. :shudder
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    6. Ok that is TOO funny!
      1/3-sized Hawaiian shirts, plaid shorts, and fanny packs.
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    7. ... I actually sculpted my YOSD a tiny pair of crocs OTL
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    8. Baby sandals for an Iplehouse EID male... Is it worse than Crocs? I sold the iple boy, but I keep his clothes...Small Hello kitty girl sleeves... It's a bit loose, but it looks cool on my new boy... Pullover from one piece baby clothing... Full outfit from a half pair sock for my 72cm boy.
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    9. Why not just put a preemie onsie on an SD if we're gonna create an abomination. Bonus points for a super realist/muscular male sd like an Iplehouse or, dear god, a Venitu.
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    10. I want to see a Venitu in a onesie. I demand this now.
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    11. People of Wal-Mart themed BJDs. Imagine the possibilities.
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    12. What's wrong with crocs?

      I rarely wear any other shoes. Today's are red & green on my left foot, yellow & turquoise on the right. I have them in many colours, plus fur lined crocs for cold weather, closed in crocs for wet weather, crocs boots, and flipflops too.

      They're SO comfortable - it's like wearing a cushion under your foot - and come in SO may beautiful bright colours that can be put together in endless combinations. I love them, plus you can get all those adorable little charms to decorate them with.

      I have them for several sizes of doll too - Lusion, SD, MSD, and Yo sizes, plus some for off-topic doll sizes.

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    13. I love Crocs, too. Excellent for the beach or a theme park. But it is a pretty commonly agreed that they aren't the most attractive shoe.

      Where did you get the doll Crocs? I actually want a pair for my doll.
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    14. Really?

      Tell that to all the people who adore them. As far as I'm concerned, they look fabulous.

      The Yo size crocs are from here: AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA

      The MSD size ones are from a shop selling cheap keyrings.

      The SD size ones.... erm, I think I picked some of them up at a meet and others on the marketplace.

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    15. I'm sure I'm one of the few people who think crocs are cute. I have a pair of Minnie Mouse ones for myself that are just adorable. I use them as house shoes.

      @Teddy I'll have to see if I can find the msd ones. I'm sure I have a doll or two who would love to wear them.
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    16. I noticed there was a 3D scan of real crocs online, so I've been using the scan to make some 1/3 ones :P I personally wouldn't wear crocs as I don't think they suit me, but I think it would be fun to see some in the right scale for SD dolls :D I think they could be cute in the right scale :P For example, maybe decora street styled dolls would probably suit them?

      I basically plan to use the 3D print as the object to cast in something softer, like maybe flexible foam? Something like this project: Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam

      I've gotten as far as 3D printing them. I need to make the cast, etc. If people are interested, I'll make a project page on my progress.
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    17. Heyheyhey! Not only do I love crocs and would love to have some for my dolls (really, now, male dolls? Super dress shoes or sneakers all the time. Crocs and sandals would be a fun change!)

      And Hawaiian shirts? :D I wish I could get doll-sized matches to the ones I have for myself! Comfy, luridly bright colors, lots of colors, what's not to like?
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    18. What is wrong with crocs? My Captain America wears a pair of cute, pink, fluffy slippers. He loves them, they are quite light and comfy compared to the combat boots he usually wears.
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    19. My macho Iple boys share a pair of fluffy pink hippo slippers! One of them wouldn't be caught dead in crocs, the other would probably sell his soul to own a pair of black ones...and I can definitely see him wearing them with mismatched socks. Each to his own, I guess. :kitty2

      I doubt either of them would wear a tutu, though...
    20. Good Hunting!