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Crossdressing - Delf boys?

Jan 28, 2005

    1. Hi! My friend was interested in getting a Chiwoo, and well, she wants to dress him up in girl clothing. My question is, how well does clothing made for a girl Delf fit a boy, if at all? I'm talking dresses and such. Would they work?

      Thanks for your help! ^_^
    2. I've made my shiwoo elf several dresses... for the most part if it's made for an SD or SD13 girl it might fit okay. I've never seen a CP girl body in person, so I couldn't tell you in that way. :3 Annie-chan's doll is an El boy wearing dresses... you might look for pics of him. His name is Kuja.
    3. I have had a chance to play with my friend's CP boys regularly and I have a CP mature girl and have played with a CP girl, too.

      Firstly, the boys legs are longer. Thus, any pants you bought made for "girls" would be a bit short. Second, the boy body has slightly broader shoulders and no real hips, unlike the girl bodies. The boy hands and feet are bigger and the torso slightly broader. However, MOST of the girl clothes you can buy will fit the boys, if not exactly right, then mostly well.

      On the other hand, if you just tailor the clothes to fit or make them yourself, there should be no problem. (Has your friend considered giving the Chiwoo a girl body? Or does she want a boy that dresses like a girl?)
    4. Thanks for the info! It was mainly dresses she wanted to put him in, so leg length wouldn't really be an issue. She considered a girl body, but she really wants just a boy who dresses like a girl. ^^; She just thought some of the girl outfits LUTS has for sale were quite cute, and she wanted to know how they'd fit a Chiwoo if she got one.

      Thanks again!
    5. Yes, I think that the dresses that Luts sells should fit their boys, too (I don't have any of their dresses, but the other clothes that I have for my CP girl does fit on my friend's CP boy), and the leg length will not be a problem then. ^_^ She must get him! And pretty dresses! And post pictures! The posting pictures part is very important, *nod nod*.
    6. ..Can they do that? would they fit?

      What about shoes? I noticed in measurements that the boys have only 6mm bigger feet than the girls. I was kind of thinking of getting these with my boy (ah don't ask, I think I know what I'm doing ^__^ I think...well unless they don't fit)


      Does anyone happen to have luts girl shoes they could try on a luts boy? o_0 that would be so great if you could let me know how they fit! unlessyourboyputsupafight! :)
    7. I have a pair of girl mary janes from luts, and they fit my Luts boys fine.... I've also noticed that a lot of girl shoes seem to fit luts boys... I have a pair of dollheart SD sized girl shoes and some girl tennies that fit my boys as well...
    8. I can't say for sure about the clothes, but unless they were able to stretch a bit, or was something slightly unisex, like a t-shirt or something, I'd say the clothes wouldn't fit. The girls have larger hips and smaller waists etc, which would make clothes sharing a bit difficult.

      As for the shoes, I don't think my delf boys even own a pair of boys shoes. They have tons of shoes from all over: Custom House, Poshdolls, Luts, Dollheart, etc, etc, all in girls sizes. All the boy size shoes I have are worn by my Paris (Souldoll) and Hound; they're too big on my delf boys and I have to make sure they're wearing socks and stuff a little piece of tissue in the toe so they don't flop around too much if they want to wear them.
    9. I have a dress from Luts...and I know it fit on a Chiwoo...but it wouldnt zip closed in the back. Maybe if they were looser they would fit. But anything form fitting out be too tight.
    10. What about the other way around? Would the girls at least be able to wear the shirts? If their hips are bigger I'd assume the pants would be too tight, but would their breasts fit under those shirts?
    11. would the same work in the opposite direction? SD girls wearing boys clothes?
    12. Hey all I was wondering how well Luts boys would fit into clothes made for SD sized girls? Mainly looking at girls tops and skirts from, Luts, Dollmore, Dollheart and KK Workshop.

    13. My Shiwoo wears a lot of girls' clothes - the ones he's tried and is able to wear are:

      + Volks SD13 girls' size (perfect fit)
      + Volks SD10 girls' size (he has a few trousers in this size that are a tiny bit too short, but still passable. Shirts in this size fit very well, but the arm-holes can sometimes be too narrow for his hands)
      + Volks Dollfie Dream (underwear and stockings only)
      + Dollmore (no complaints as to the fit of the outfit he's got)

      Hope that helped a little! (he can also fit Volks SD13 girls' size shoes, by the way)
    14. Hiya!
      i was wondering if Luts boys fit into SD13 girl clothes?
      thanks if you could tell me!!
      xx :D
      from Phade~
    15. If we are talking about the SD luts boys (not MNF/KD) then they should. Most SD sized boys, however, fit into SD13 girls clothing. SD13 boys clothing tends to be a bit baggy on them.

      Most SD boys will fit into SD13 girl actually. My Victoira is a CP EL, and the only part of the SD13 Jun Tachibana girl outfit that doesn't quite fit, is the waist. But it's a skirt, and the top snap/waist area is just a tad too small, just so it barely snaps but doesn't stay... but you don't really notice it. It looks normal from the front.
    16. thanks alot!! :D just what i wanted to hear :aheartbea
    17. ah! thanks so much for the help!! :D *many hugs for you!!*
    18. Thanks! That was very helful. :)
    19. Sound like some of my skirts.
    20. I found a really cute skirt and top and a few other skirts and wanna know if they'll fit. My Dimitri crossdresses sometimes.