Crossdressing: Girl shoes for Delf boys?

Oct 1, 2004

    1. I already know that El can fit into some SD shoes, not the SD13 ones and some of the CustomHouse girl ones.

      But, does anyone know a place to buy mary jane shoes for an El? (yes i know he's a boy but mine's gonna be a very femmy boy XD)

      Or at least what size to look for?

      Thankies! ^^

    2. I always have him wear Custom House Ai girl shoes, they fit great :D


      PS. I have an El Special for sale, so if you're interested... :grin:
    3. Hi! :D

      I'd like to get a pair of black or white boots for my Chiwoo, but truly don't know where to find the right ones... :?

      BTW, regular Volks SD shoes DON'T fit at all (I have 8 pairs of all kinds that I had bought for my SD9 boy, but they're too small for my Chiwoo!! :| ) and most SD13 boy shoes are too large, Ajumapama's included!!

      I'd like a pair of boots for boys, BTW, so no high heels and such.

      I truly don't know what to do, so please help me, thank you!!! :daisy :daisy
    4. I've heard the Soul Doll boys shoes fit the CP boys very well!
    5. I think you will need Souldoll female shoes, CP feet are very small compared with SD-13 boys feet

    6. Dechanique and Sabriell - thank you very much for your kind messages! :daisy :D

      Have a great weekend! :D
    7. Ok..I had a good look around and I cant seem to find the answer to this one.
      I've seen a realy nice pair of boots on the Souldoll site, they are SD13 girls size.
      Now heres the thing. I want them for my CP El boy. Does anyone know if they will fit? They have the sameish ones to fit SD13 boys..but I was thinking they will be too big for him.
      Has anyone tryed to put the girls boots on boys feet?
      Any advice?
      Thanks for any hlp..and Im realy sorry if this has been asked before.. :oops:

    8. I think they will definetely fit your El, as CP boys and girls have smaller feet than SD/SD13..

      - Therese
    9. Thanks Therese!
      I might have to get them!

    10. I'd like to know if Delf boys can wear SD13 girl size boots, particularly boots from Souldoll.
    11. Yes you can order SD13 girls boots/heels/shoes you can even order shoes made for Custom House Ai girls.

      I only ordered girl shoes from CH when I owned my Chiwoo...he looked so lovely in his black leather high heeled boots ^_~*

    12. Thanks Sabriell!
    13. I've tried searching DoA, but to no avail. :sweat

      My doll, a CP El, is not normally a "crossdresser," but a particular costume I am working on for him requires plain black flats or Mary Janes. The problem is that I cannot locate any shoes made for SD boys that are the appropriate style. They're all too clunky, or are standard "business suit" style.

      I am finding plenty of SD girls' shoes in appropriate styles, but so few of the sites provide foot measurements that I am unsure if they will fit. Luts' site does provide measurements and from them I can tell that the Luts girls' shoes, at least, wouldn't fit on my boy's feet. But other brands?

      I know CP boys tend to have slightly smaller feet than other SD boys. I think the length of their foot clocks in at 7.3cm.

      Can any kind soul point me toward some girls' shoes that would fit a foot of this size?
    14. have you tried

      She has length and width measurements.. a lot of them WON"T fit.. but some should!

      Seek Peace

    15. Ee, Audrey's is so hit and miss, because they're made for american dolls they tend to be reeeally wide most of the time.

      Kika has, and wears Souldoll girls shoes and boots, Poshdoll's MaryJanes and the strappy boots, Dollheart high-heels (a bit of a squeeze). Those are the only brands I own to try on him. ^^;
    16. I'm pretty sure *most* of the Luts girls shoes will fit on Luts boys as well.
    17. Thank you, Zoi, this is very helpful.

      If anyone else has fits they know about, please do post. I'm saving a list for future reference -- not that I expect Kitsune will be shopping in the women's department often! :blush

      The shoes I really want are these, but since Luts says the inside length is 6.9cm and Kitsune's foot is 7.3cm, I have to assume they won't fit. My kingdom for a pair of plain, flat, black mary janes for my boy!
    18. I've searched high and low for a clear enough answer on this, but i wasn't able to find many threads that stated foot size of dolls.
      So i'll just ask, i've heard SD13 boy shoes are huge on CP boys, but will the SD/SD13 Girl ones fit? or will they end up being really snug like the famous dollmore sneakers?
      i really want a pair of the new preorder ones but what size to get?

    19. Leekeworld shoes are slightly large on SD/SD13 girls, acutally my Soah who has rather large footsies can wear most of the LeeKe shoes. The only problem for Shiori is that the hole for getting her feet into the shoes is too small in some models, not that the sole of the shoes are too narrow or too short for her.

      As far as I understand it CP Luts girls have slimmer feet than a SD, so I'd expect LeeKe shoes to fit good to beeing a bit roomy.
    20. I have a boy however.