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Crossdressing -High heeled shoes for Volks SD13 boys?

Jan 5, 2005

    1. hmm, I have a question about SD13 boy, necks (ankles) I would like a girls foot that is positioned in a high heel fashion. Becouse I want my boy to wear high heeled boots, but I'm not sure about the feet...
    2. SD13 boys in general are larger than SD13 girls... it's my opinion that it wouldn't really work. But I don't know for sure. I'm sorry I can't give you a more clear answer.
    3. My doll SD13 has High heel feet, and my sister has a SD13 guy

      Ill try them on now, and will post you pictures and how I found it to be :)
    4. Here you go!
      the high heel feet is in normal skintone and the guy is in beauty white.
      The girls feet is ALOT more smaller than the guys feet and sort of look odd on the guy since his hands and legs are large.


    5. OMG!!! :o :D Thank you so much, I can live with that, becouse my boy will have shoes on all the time ^^
    6. Just so you know....

      If you're getting an SD13 boy through the FCS, they won't let you choose the SD13 girls high-heeled feet as your foot option. I know - I tried. :oops: I think you can get the high-heeled feet as optional parts on the Volks website....but they wouldn't be in the dark skin tone.

      As a side note, I'm pretty sure SD13 Boys with the normal boys feet can wear high-heeled boots.
    7. OMG! :o I love high heeled boots and I want them on me and on my SD13 boy, :D tehehehehe yep yep :grin: ^^ :oops: Has anyone ever heard of a high heeled boots for dolls such as an SD13 boy, I would even settle for an SD13 girl high heeled boots becouse I could just get female feet (really don't want to do that :| , but may have to).

    8. OH GOD Thank you ^^
    9. Are we talking stiletto heels or platform heels here? I've seen LOTS of SD13 boy boots with platform type heels - in fact, I want the opposite (pretty much no heel on a nice pair of combatish boots) and have trouble finding it, because all the boots I like have HUGE heels!
    10. :oops: where talking about both tehehehehe
      could you direct me to a site that has some uber heels ^^?
      or link me to some good boy boots for SD13.
    11. :cry:
      the sorrow sits in I wanted to use the FCS system too
      damn.... :o :(
    12. ooo I know of some. Angelsupply has some huge soles on thier shoes. But high heels are hard to find since there is only one type of foot that will fit in them. And i think they are FSC girl feet....i think....err...but don't take my word on it. XD
      Anyway, here are some sites with big shoesies. ^___^



      err they have some of the biggest anyway. Volks has big shoes too, but they are pretty expensive, if you can even find them.
      Hope this helps ya. ^___^
    13. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D thanks
    14. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a male wearing high heels. In fact, I think men actually wore heels before women did. ^_^
    15. Tehehhehehheheheh :D
    16. Your right they did....I cant remember if ti was louie the 14th or 16th some number like that but anyways. He had heels made the fashion so he could be taller...and no male in his court could wear heels that made them taller then him. silly french folks..they are why we have stilletos.

      and guys is heels to me, is just as good as guys in dresses. hehehehehe
    17. lol I bring that up when ever I get heels for my self ^^ DEFENSE :D
    18. Check this place out they have some boy boots with platform heels:


      I have a pair of boots from them and they are SO detailed and AWESOME quality.

    19. Problem is, I believe the Luts boy boots are a bit too small for SD13 boys, as Luts boys have SD sized feet.
    20. Oh, well I'm glad you said that because I bought my boots for a DD and I don't have my SD13 boy yet to try them on. Just assumed.