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Crushed hopes and dreams... can be fulfilled!

Jun 20, 2010

    1. I have been saving up for a pipos basic cheshire only to find the day I finally got all the money saved up, they were sold out!!! :...( I am CRUSHED!! I had everything planned for my little guy, I was going to name him Sushi, and custom order him in grey with the pink faceup. I am sooooo upset!!! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

      This just in... They have relisted them and Sushi will be home soon!!!! :XD: I ordered him in grey skin with the white skin faceup!! I am soooooooooooo happy!! I have no doubt in my mind that your hopes and prayers made this possible!! Thank you so much for all your help and advice! :D
    2. I'm not sure where you looked but Denver Doll Emporium usually have the Pipos dolls for a lot longer after they have sold at Pipos direct.
    3. I looked, they have no cheshires, thanks though.
    4. you may want to find him secondhand in the marketplace...
    5. There is one on the marketplace, but he is in white skin. Thank you though. :)
    6. This kind of thing is more suited for journals or something.
      There's bound to be a few that pop up on the marketplace. Just be patient.
    7. Last time I was in The Toy Shoppe in Richmond Va, they had one. Very cute! Give them a call or email, they are super nice people! Good Luck!
    8. I'm really sorry for your disappointment. =/ I think we've all been there, especially with stuff like limited dolls that get sold out really fast, or dolls you have to enter a lottery for. I hope you find on somewhere, you never know. There might not be one on the MP right now but maybe in a few days or weeks. Don't loose hope and keep looking.
    9. It's always a good idea to put up a Want to Buy (WTB) ad on the MP when you are looking for something specific like that. A lot of the people on the CCC FireFly thread got their dolls that way because they rarely come up for sale and are gone in a flash if they just put them up as a regular For Sale. Try a WTB - you might have good luck with it! (But definitely contact The Toy Shoppe in Va. first to see if they still have one! Sometimes WTBs can get pretty steep if someone knows you really want something badly.) Good luck! Hope you find your grey Cheshire! (I have one and he is worth hunting for!)
    10. Thanks everyone. :) I put up a WTB on the marketplace, and contacted the toy Shoppe about a Cheshire. I even heard he had a custom pinkish faceup from another DOA member who saw him there just the other day. I really appreciate your support. :)
    11. I have been in your shoes countless times! I adore the rarities and sold outs and I always seem to fall in love with limiteds and long gones. My bjd family is mostly made up of hard to find babies that I had to search long and hard for but you just can't give up hope. I am living proof that you can always find the exact doll you want, though it may take some time. You have made your desires known to the forum so you might find one sooner than you think. Don't give up, hon that is the best advice I can give ya. Take a look at my profile and see who I have, they're all sold out and hard to find!
    12. Mitya, you are so right! I wanted a Lati Red Adel in the worst way and knew I would probably never find one. But I tried to keep up with the MP just in case. Well, an Aida came up! He isn't quite Adel, but he is awfully darn close and I think I actually prefer the white skin for an elf to the tan. So I got my Lati Red boy that I'd been dreaming of forever! It can happen! So we'll all keep our fingers crossed for you, Nathansgirl1989 - hopefully you'll get good news from The Toy Shoppe by tomorrow! If not, that Cheshire will find you!
    13. Thank you, DarkStar:D I'm delighted to see another person like me whose determination paid off:aheartbea I'm so happy you found your dream boy, it feels amazing doesn't it? A long long wait that finally culminates in that special moment when your baby comes home:D I will also keep my fingers crossed for you, Nathansgirl:D We'll also keep an eye out for ya, won't we?
    14. Yes indeed. One will turn up eventually! Someone will decide they no longer want to collect anthros or they see a doll they want more and need some funds. No matter how impossible it seems, it happens every day: someone finds that dream doll. Oh, someone mentioned to me on another thread (in another forum actually), if you can find a Flickr group for the Pipos Cheshire, you can always put up a Want to Buy there too. I don't belong to that many Flickr groups (like, maybe two!) so I'm not sure how that works.
    15. I have fairly strong hopes that I will find one, but I'm not sure how soon. I lucked into finding my Marisol on the marketplace. I looked for a good three months after she came out and had almost given up till I found her one day by suprise. I had to put her on layaway though. i guess I'm just disapointed because I couldn't order my own special Pipos Cheshire made just for me. It would have been the first doll I paid off entirely at once. I am sooo crushed I can't get it with the custom pink faceup I wanted. I contacted them about it before I had the money to see if they could do it, and they said it was no problem, but if I had known they were going to sell out I would have put him on layaway. :( I am so thankful for all of the help you have given me and I feel that I will get him in time. :) Please come home Sushi!

      P.S. Mods please feel free to move this thread if it is in the wrong place. :)
    16. Good luck. I hope you find one.
    17. Thank you. :) me too
    18. YEEES!!!! they relisted him!!!!! :D I am soo happy I am crying! How lame...
    19. Pipos did?!!! That's wonderful, Nathansgirl1989! See, we were putting out all that "need to find a Cheshire" energy, and he just showed up! I love it when the Universe works that way!
    20. Me too!! it was the perfect end to my night! :)