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Cult BJD items

Feb 5, 2010

    1. I recently learned of the existence of a cult outfit: Dollheart fer. I wonder what other cult items exist for BJD? What things are considered rare, limited and very valuable? For what things hunt collectors? *_*
    2. Volks Baby The Stars Shine Bright things are something a lot of collectors or lolita lovers (like myself) trip over ourselves to get. :sweat The full original outfits are so hard to come by now a days, the ones you can find are normally over $400 on Yahoo Japan. Also one of a kind items by certain seamstresses, such as La Madeleine dresses.
    3. It might be my oldness showing, but the typical "BJD holy grails that are embedded within the consciousness of every BJD collector--!" that I think of are Dollshe Hound and Bermann on their original bodies.

      Also, I'd think that some of Soom's LE dolls/parts have gained a considerable amount of notoriety, so the occasional "WTT Kidney for Sard!" strikes me as being particularity defining of the BJD hobby.

      And ffff Rescue Cat~~
    4. hmmm, maybe Ospirit one-of-a-kind outfits or some of Val Zeitler's "Young Marie" collection outfits ... Antique Rose eyes ...
    5. I'd agree with some of the SOOM and Volks limiteds. I'm sure that there are a whole bunch of people that would pay thousands for a SOOM or a Volks... like their Rozen Maiden line.
    6. Saints. Soom limiteds. The Fers are a strange phenomenon aren't they? I mean, yes it's a very nice dress set, but for some reason (clever marketing mostly) they're terribly sought after! They're like a status symbol kinda thing.
    7. I think the Soom Chalco bull mask is quickly gaining its own cult. People are going craaaazy for it in splits!
    8. Jun Tachibana's cat comes to mind. :kitty2
    9. At one point, Dollshe Bermanns and CP Woosoos were quite "the thing" to have... That seems to have faded quite a bit over the last year or two, and I've noticed a fair few Woosoos up for sale recently. Soom MDs seem to be the new Big Thing in wanna-be prestige sculpts.

      As for the Fer dresses... I don't know. I have the distinct feeling that they're considered terminally over-done now, and very "last year". That boat, as they say, seems to have sailed. :lol:
    10. Els, Lishes, and Shiwoos are always the ever-popular how-many-are-there kind of dolls. As for cult items, I'm seeing a huge boom of hooves. From Soom's MD hooves - all sizes - to Peapoddoll's new hooves, it seems EVERYONE'S got 'em.

      Seemed to have lost their special glimmer, now, with all the commonness.
    11. Gonna have to echo aikohaku with the hooves - When the first hooved doll came out it was PHENOMENAL, as there was practically no other doll on the market with satyr-style legs. But now it's being done a lot, with newer companies (like Angelheim) eager to grab some appeal with hooved and horned dolls. I think the most refreshing thing to hit the "hooved market" after it had been thriving for a while was Souldoll's full-on centaur Chiron, but he's so huge and expensive (both he himself and the cost of shipping him) that he's not widely owned.

      Fers are definitely an obvious "cult status" item, again, I think it has to do with broad appeal and an undeniably attractive and original design (though maybe not so original anymore).

      As far as dolls go, Soom Monthlies are definitely sought after hungrily, and for good reason, because each one is seriously a work of art. Soom manages to put out beautiful, totally original dolls every month while maintaining a very high standard of quality, and for that they definitely deserve the popularity and praise they receive. Following close behind them is Iplehouse with their Noctarcana Circus and relatively new EID line.

      And we can't forget the Luts dolls like Lishe and El who are popular for their versatility and classic sculpts.

      Of course, ultimately, girly guys definitely lead the "cult" charge. I do consider crossdressing/androgynous male dolls a sort of cult in the hobby because it is SO common. It's hard to browse the Gallery for five minutes without seeing a male doll that anyone outside the hobby would assume with confidence was a female. :sweat

    12. This makes me very, very sad. One of that main reasons I bought my Beryl was to have those limited rare to see Hooves. And now that so many people have them I feel my beryls hooves have lost some of what made them special.
    13. I think some of the earlier Volks dolls, especially the Tokyo Boys, were very popular as their numbers were so low. Not sure if they still are, it's been a while since I checked.
    14. I would have to say Val Zeitler's Young Marie collection, as mentioned above. Also her bitten and Halloween (?) lines.

      I also find it intresting how certain parts of Soom MDs are cult but other are not as much. Example: Horns (Beryl, Sard, Cuprit) or hands (Cass, Amber, Onyx) are highly sought while there are still plenty of Cass legs and Amber antlers for sale.
    15. Definatly the Volks and BTSSB joint outfits are sought after by those that love lolita fashion or just high quality outfits with multiple pieces. I agree with Dollheart Fers and their Cherry/Black Romance/Classic outfits for SD and MSDs. I know I got a couple fer colors and want all the cherry/black lolita dresses as well.

      I know for awhile everyone wanted the Volks SD10 YoSD versions (Sara, Megu, Kira, Nono, Nana, Mimi, Show). The hooves definatly. Bambicrony elves for awhile too.

      And I'm shocked not to see Pukis, Whisels, or Brownies on here. EVERYONE wanted a Whisel and a Puki when they came out.
    16. Almost anything Unoa, especially Unoa Zero. Part of this might be about how hard they are to get.
    17. I can think of some rare heads that have cult followings... Dollish's U-me, U-Da, Dollzone's Binli seems to have a number of seekers these days... The CCC Firefly Faeries, Volks' oldskin Fairy series Misia & Shinshiya... anything that was either super limited or standard but unpopular and since discontinued. ^_^

    18. PukiFee. When they were first released people went absolutely INSANE for them. list them on the marketplace and they were gone, even when they were well over the Fairyland price.

      Though its now dying off to the normal levels now (normal for Fairyland dolls, that is)
    19. When I first started in this hobby I remember reading threads about people's dream dolls. Hounds and Els were mentioned a lot, of course I had no idea what a Hound or and El looked like but apparently they were hard to come by.

      At present, I read about Soom, and they appear to be a hot ticket at the moment.
    20. When I ordered my kid delf Bory I suddenly met with TONS of other people who had also bought/were waiting for a bory, boy or girl. I don't consider that a cult icon, just a really popular mold at the moment. I do know that about half of my close bjd friends all have at least one El (some have two even) and I'm saving up for one myself. :)

      I've seen a lot of Soom crazyness go around, and the love for pukis is undenyable, but I myself don't know enough of the bjd world to say what appears to be cult-ish or not. (I did see a girl get internet!yelled at because she had a doll wearing what looked like a fer in a dirty pond. The fer was fake by the way.)