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*curious* Do you send free gifts?

Sep 22, 2009

    1. I know there is a do you receive free gifts thread, but i was curious how many of us send out little extra's with their personal sales.

      I myself always try to add a little extra, depending on the price spend: a pair of eyes, a wig or cute stationary. something like that.

      So far I think I have shipped only two parcels without something extra, in one occasion because the wait of the envelope was 48 grams and even adding a sticker made shipment more expensive and another time when i just forgot to put it in the parcel.
    2. Once in a while I'll send free gifts, mainly hair snaps if I know, from the owner, the doll wears such things. :)
    3. I really like to, but I don't have much to give. I will buy little cake shaped erasers to send sometimes with bigger purchases. If I had many extra eyes and clothes I would love to send a gift to everyone I sent a package to.

      I will always send a note though. It's very important to me, to show the buyer I appreciate them. <3 I buy special note pads just for sending notes in my packages. It's fun. I know I always am happy when I get a gift or note in my packages, so I really like to do the same for others. :D
    4. I have a lot in the past. But it all depends on if I have anything extra around to give. That's really sweet about the nots iSparrow :3 I like that.
    5. I always write a note and send candy to someone. Especially if they aren't from the USA, I send them them american candy. Sometimes if I'm at the Asian grocery store, I buy japanese candy to send to people too. : ) I've done that a couple of times. I mostly send DumDum suckers, I've sent a hair ribbon too.
    6. I usually put in some candy for small packages and always a thank-you note, but when I shipped out a full doll I put in an extra pair of glass eyes and a hoodie too, because I shipped it one day later than I thought I would...so I felt bad, and wanted to include some freebies as compensation of sorts! xD;;;
    7. I send little notes to my buyers to show my appreciation, and when if I have little things to give, I might give the small little gifts. It depends. XD
    8. I always try to send a note, and I sometimes add a little gift, maybe a little mochi cake or some other type of goodie. I gave someone free shipping once as an apology for sending their package late. :sweat

    9. I think I would try to send a gift or two. Depends on the room left in the box and how much money I have.
    10. I think I always have sent at least candy or something. Sometimes a doll size plushie, fabric or a clothing item. The last thing I sent was a pair of kelly shoes for a puki doll.
    11. Sometimes I do, it depends on what I have on hand. But I really do like to. I know I always enjoy it when people send me extra goodies, and I assume other people will too. So I try to. :)
    12. I do, usually. And depends on what I'm sending. Sometimes it's a bit of cheapy jewelry, promoting my jewelry making. It depends on what I have laying around my office. I do it for artist alleys. Right now I have ninjas ("bag ninja!") and kazoos. I was going to get some Halloween themed items for Yaoicon since it's held on Halloween. Kind of a "trick or treat" thing.
    13. I've never sent free-gift items. Candies are something I've thought of, but I would hate to send something, add a few candies and then have them melt or something stupid like that and ruin the item. Has this ever happened to anyone? D:
    14. For large purchases I had a bag full of doll-sized treats, usually from party favor packages in big box stores, but I've since run out and orders have been small lately so there hasn't been a reason to restock them. The flat rate priority boxes made it easier to send these since adding in a little extra weight didn't make a difference. When I ship first class at a buyer's request, I don't add anything that will increase the weight since they're paying for it. :)

      I've never been able to do it myself (I always pack last minute), but I love receiving parcels with notes in them on fun stationery.
    15. I have thought of that before and I always put both items in separate ziploc bags.

      edited : I have never had anyone complain about the extra item or colors changing or etc...
    16. Sometimes.
      I try to send a note or some candy because it always makes my day when other people do it for me.

      I don't always have the time to though..
    17. I've only sold one thing, and didn't have anything to send, but in future I hope to include a little something whenever possible. I've come here from BPAL collecting (that's Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) where it's really odd NOT to get something extra - sometimes there I've gotten more gifts than actual items, so when I first started buying doll things and there were no extras in the packages I had to stop a moment and think "Oh yeah, this isn't BPAL, duh!". I do really appreciate it the times I've gotten little extras - once I bought a head and got a gorgeous wig as an extra!

      I think little extras are wonderful and thoughtful. Not a requirement or expectation, but they brighten the day a little when they're there.
    18. So far, I've put a Japanese candy or a little blooming tea blossom in the packages I've sent, I think its cute and I know I would be happy if I got that as an extra :D
    19. I do because I love little surprises and I think that the people who buy from me will to, I like to send, crafting supplies or some thing that I think is "perfect" to send a long like a couple of hair clips is I know a partiular wig the bought loves to fly everywhere.
    20. ive tried to do this with everything ive sent out. if i didnt it was because i was in a huge hurry and mailed it from work (even then i have managed to include something most times). i just think its nice to get free gifts in the mail, so i try to give them too....

      some things ive sent: buttons, pencils, novelty erasers (i think i sent a brain once XD), hair clips, necklaces (both for dolls), little plushies, hello kitty toys. i may have done candy but i really dont remember XD