Curious, how many impulse dolls?

May 28, 2017

    1. How many impulse purchase dolls do you own, if any? Would you ever buy a doll immediately if you felt that soul tugging need? Or donyou plan everything out?
    2. Sort of? Hahaa. It really depends. Sometimes I see a doll and I hem and haw about it for a long time, and other's I shoot off a PM and am committed pretty quickly.
      I think the doll I jumped on the fastest though was my tan Minifee Shiwoo, because fairyland used to only have tan at specific times, and they don't sell the Shiwoo head any more. So when someone was selling a tan Shiwoo with both OE and SS heads with default faceups on the MP, I never slammed the PM button so hard in my life. XD
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    3. @Wolfie Pie I'm half validating myself for havinn just purchased my second doll after a few hours, and I'm glad I'm not alone! It was like, a lightbulb turning on that he was exactly what I've been looking for, and suddenly the price didn't matter at all. Slammed that purchase so fast ^^;;
    4. I like to save up my money until the time comes where I find a doll I have to have and then bam, it's mine. That's how it was for my PKF Cony. Come to think of it, that's how I buy all my dolls ^.^;; haha
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    5. It really is though! You just.. *clenches fists* gotta have it. What is this hobby lol
    6. It is a blend of artistic expression and near catastrophe of the bank account.
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    7. I did this also in the mp. I was just looking, no intention on buying anything, when I came across a listing for a Damp Tales Kiruru head....I hadn't heard of that sculpt or company before, so I looked out of curiosity. Wow, that poor head was in terrible condition. Something had gone wrong with the sealer and it had turned a dark burnt umber color and was in patches. Oh, but the face! So cute, I had a character picked out immediately. The cons: lots of work fixing it, if it could even be fixed, it is an older sculpt, 9 years, and quite yellowed. Pros: so cute, an older sculpt, rare and unique, plus it was calling to me - help me. No hesitation, I bought it! Happy to say he is fixed and has a matching body from the same vintage, and is one of my favorite dolls. A total impulse buy motivated by compassion to fix it.
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    8. I plan like crazy and never impulse buy. I really like to finish the dolls I have before I buy any more, and I don't have the income to just buy any doll I see... Thankfully, I'm good at budgeting and saving money, and I find planning something and then saving for it and getting it really rewarding! It feels like I've accomplished something, and I get a doll as my prize~

      That being said, I have occasionally snagged something off the marketplace without planning, but only for things from my wishlist that'd be hard to find otherwise. So technicaly I had planned to get them at some point, but just ended up getting them a little earlier than I had planned. :XD: I have a lot of spending guilt if I don't plan entirely, so impulse buying whenever would probably be bad for me.
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    9. At least I knew what i was signing on for... mostly, anyways :lol:

      Ohh! Which one? Sounds like it was a project!

      This marketplace aounds like it will be really dangerous for me @[email protected] guess i just need to get crackin on jobs ;)
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    10. The sculpt is by a single artist in Korea. The company is called Damp Tales, sculpt name Kiruru. The head was made in 2008 and only sold in Korea. I'm his third owner (actually a female sculpt, but can pass for male too). He reminded me of Link, so that's his name, but dressed in a Soom Dune outfit. I just had to have him, which surprised me greatly.
    11. Having a job deeeefinitely helps. :XD: When I first started in the hobby, I wasn't old enough for a job, but after several years in the hobby and then another several year hiatus, coming back with a job and more free time has been super awesome.

      Honestly, I think changing my plans is worse for me than impulse buying... I change what doll I'm saving for like every week, whoops~ :sweat
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    12. Yes. Impulse. I just this week did that. Bought an Uhui Wish on a volks sd13 body. I had never seen an Uhui Wish before. But he was smiling at me and somehow looked like he had a soul even with empty eye sockets. I'm not even sure I knew what I was doing. I think he made me do it. *_* He's not here yet, but every time I go back and look at his picture, it just makes me happy. I doubt I'm going to regret it at all.
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    13. Ah, I have three "impulse" dolls myself haha. One is my Doll In Mind Annabeth boy who I got because the sculpt was being discontinued and was super affordable and it really spoke to me for some reason, the second is my Fairyland F60 Cygne who I just felt overwhelmingly inspired by and had SO many ideas for I just couldn't resist getting her even though prior to that I had a "no SDs" rule, and the third is my Sweet Gale Meloni head that I randomly found on the MP that I pounced on immediately because its a limited head from my favorite lesser-known company and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to own it again.
      Generally speaking I prefer to plan things out rather heavily because I don't like buying dolls that I can't justify or keeping dolls that I don't know what to do with/don't fit in with my others. But sometimes (more often than I'd like, honestly) a doll comes around that I just HAVE to own and as long as I can think of a solid plan for them and justify it beyond just "I want this pretty doll" then i'll definitely try to grab them if I can. It doesn't always work out for me in the long run, but the three "impulse buys" that I have now I really love and don't regret in the slightest!
      There have also been numerous instances for me where i've been dreaming of a perfect head sculpt, fantasy part, or even full doll for a character of mine that didn't exist before but later it actually gets made. Fairyland's Fairyline Sia's seahorse body and Momo's bunny bodies are perfect examples of that. In those cases, if there is any conceivable way I can afford it I jump on them immediately without a second thought, especially when they are limited! I suppose that's debatable if that counts as true "impulse buying", but I never click on the buy button faster than when that happens haha~
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    14. @Arkelle those are gorgeous, I can see why!
    15. Only my 1st boy was planned to buy. All my other boys were spur of the moment buys some were great some need to go to another home.
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    16. None, not really? My wishlist is so extensive that my only "impulse" purchases were for dolls/doll parts that I had already wanted, but happened to be at a super great price, were hard to find, or were about to be discontinued. Not to mention I don't usually have the means to just throw money at something without some decent research beforehand. :sweat
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    17. There absolutely ARE a few impulse buys in my collection... My Volks Cyndy, Sophia, being the most recent one... But honestly, what I would call real, completely out-of-nowhere, sculpts-I-didn't-even-know-I-wanted-until-right-now impulse buys aren't something I do very often.

      What tends to happen to me much, much more frequently is I'll be casually browsing the marketplace here on DoA, or some web site like Yahoo!Japan, Mandarake or Closet Child and I'll come across a doll whose sculpt I already like posted for sale at a decent price. In those cases, even though I might not have been planning ahead of time to pick up that particular sculpt at that particular moment, if the money is available in my "fun stuff" account, I'll usually go ahead and buy it. I don't feel any guilt about taking advantage of good opportunities. But, being sculpts that I already knew I eventually wanted to add to the crew, I can't really count them as entirely impulsive purchases either.

      In either case, I've rarely had any regrets. Those dolls.... both the real Impulse Buys and the Spur-of-the-Moments do tend to stick around once I have them. There were a few times it didn't work out (an Angell Studios Gabriel, a Migidoll Yujin head, a purple Soom Arkose-), but those are the definite minority.
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    18. I went to a small bjd con and I told myself prior that I'd only buy a Peakswoods in tan skin. I wasn't expecting to find one, but lo and behold Code Noir was selling a Peakswoods Goon in tan skin and I couldn't pass him up.

      Other than that, I planned most of my dolls since they're all characters from different stories ideas, I throw around.
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    19. Nearly every one of my purchases is an impulse buy, which I really need to stop. I just got back into the hobby after a very long hiatus and Ive missed being around dolls so much that I went a bit crazy. Since February I've bought 13? dolls and only 3 of them were planned characters. I went waaaaaay overboard but I've sold/traded 4 dolls that were impulse buys. I feel like one of the sales was an "impulse sale," lol. I sold my Depths Dolls Giorria after a week or two of having her and now I miss her! Every time I see her on IG I curse myself for selling her. I now have enough projects to last me a while.
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    20. Almost half my dolls are impulse buys, I'm a very impulsive person in general though. I either plan in meticulous detail a character and then look for the perfect doll to fit them, or see something pretty and make it work.
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