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Custom dyed/blushed resin?

Dec 13, 2007

    1. Is there anyone someone can direct me to that can custom dye the resin of the doll into a tanned doll and then do face up and blushing? I don't mind waiting or anything. The doll and head will come plain so there won't be anything to cover up. I need to look for lashes, but they can be provided.
    2. When you have access to the Marketplace (25 days membership and 40 meaningful posts) you can search the customizer threads there to find people who can dye resin, do faceups, etc.

    3. Thanks so much. Now I have to find a way to get my posts up. :D
    4. Go into like the News forum and read the articles and then post what you think about them.

      I posted a lot in the MSD forum because that's what I wanted...I was waiting for mine so I asked for advice and clothes suggestions...etc.

      I also accessed the Photo Gallery and commented on my favorite photos and stories.

      But you have to let the posts be meaningful...you can't just post a bunch of random things...say something!!!
    5. Chat isn't allowed in the News forum so that's not a great idea. However there is a News Chat forum.

    6. Thanks everyone, I've been helping people with naming of their dolls, as that was a large problem with me.

      I'll try out your ideas as well. ;D
    7. Alright...I don't even go in that forum :D I spent most of my time in General Discussion and in the Photo gallery as I didn't have my doll yet when I joined DoA.