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Custom Eyes

Jul 15, 2010

    1. Which doll companies offer to make custom eyes?
    2. Are you looking for a particular type of eye material? Acrylic - Silicone - Glass - Urethane

      And what sort of eye do you want made? I am tempted to guess you are looking for Sephiroth eyes. Different eye makers can be more or less successful depending on the style you want made.
    3. Well, I very between materials, depending on the color quality. Acrylics tend to be brighter or more "knock out" in shades. So I tend to lean towards Acrylic.

      The eye I would want made, are actually for Cloud Strife. ^^ But Sephiroth is my next up-coming doll. Good guess! C:
      The style is his "mako" infused eyes, which have an intense blue glow to them, with green around the pupil. I have been unable to find eyes like his yet. I have found other Cloud doll owners with his eyes, the intensity is there, but not to perfection as I would like them customized.
      That is the style I am looking for... If that isn't too complicated.
    4. You can try making your own eyes.

      Here is my Tutorial in making your own custom eyes from Acrylics: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?88361-Custom-Eye-Photo-Tutorial-Glow-in-the-dark-Paint!

      How to make Metallic: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?383488-Metallic-Eye-Tutorial!
      (It's incomplete, but the steps are very similar . )

      For Eye bases you can buy them Here: http://pupapa.com/shop

      It's way better to make them yourself because them you can see in person the color and alter them if you want them changed. you'll have complete control on how you want them to look like.

      And also it's cheaper to buy a few blank bases to play with rather then buying them online or commissioning them .
    5. Elysion gear, I see you take commitions... ^^ I'd love to send you a photo of Cloud's eyes, or as you put it "print out." And get you to put them in like you did in your first tutorial link. I would do this myself, but I'd rather get this done from some one with experience. ^^

      Thank you very much!

    6. Uhm, I actually don't take regular commissions anymore I'm afraid, ^_^;; (it's a rather long story.)
      My Commissions-sales are for a select few of my customers.

      But what I can do is make you a bunch of different eye chips and you put the eyes together yourself if you'd like.
      You would have to buy the eye-bases on your own, but I'll make the eye-chips for you for free.

      What size would you like?
    7. Oh really? ^^ I'm sure that's a very complicated story, because you were very good!

      ^^;;; Well, I'm most likely going to get 12mm or 14mm... Anything higher would probably be too big for Cloud. Now putting this together myself? .w.;;;; That will be fun. So if I find 12mm or 14mm bases really cheap some where and remove the color as in your tutorial... I can put in the chips? (: I guess I'll have to go and buy the supplies! Now, are the supplies expensive? I don't think the nailpolish part is, but anything else?
      Thank you!
    8. I know you're leaning more for Acrylics, but Urethanes have some really intense shades. :B Aaand I know you're looking for Cloud's eyes right now, but of my favorite custom eyes I've seen, they were custom urethane eyes that Mystic Eyes have made for Sephiroth.


      Just sayin'. |)
    9. Oh my lord! Those are beautiful! 8) I am going for Sephiroth next, so this is very beneficial! Thank you so much! Urethane's eyes look great! Do you have a link to the store?
      Thank you very much Devil's Trill
    10. Ok! you can get eye-bases for cheap here: http://pupapa.com/shop/

      They are called "D.eye.Y" blank eye bases, they come colorless and unassembeld. they sell them at 12mm and 14mm sizes.

      Nailpolish may not be the best adhesive, I would recommend, regulator white school glue. It dries clear if you don't' put too much of a thick layer. Best of all, you can simply wash it off if you mess up and have to try again. :)

      Meanawhile, lets move this into PMs?
    11. I was going to recommend Mystic as well if you decided to go with Urethane customs. I've seen some really stunning blue-green combos from them made in their Limited eye style which is more realistic looking.


      You might also want to look at the Standard and Custom eye colors made my Masterpiece. Look at their Metallic eyes too as you can make a custom order and ask for their Standards or Customs as metalized eyes.


      And for future reference both companies can do cat/dragon pupils.
    12. Alright let's move to PMs Elysion gear.

      Everyone else, keep posting! ^^
    13. Thank you so much idrisfynn! 8D Matserpiece is a tad expensive, but I'm definatly willing to pay more for custom! You are awesome. ^^
    14. Thank you very much Yumeko-chan!!!

      And everyone else for posting! C: Please continue!
    15. Thanks tiarah! Those eyes are a very nice shade of blue. ^^ And a very slight bit of green by tht pupil, yes they aren't custom... But that's alright! ^^ Thanks for the urethane refference.
    16. You might want to check out Enchanted Doll - they are made of urethane but you can order custom color combos and pupil styles. I own a pair myself and love 'em! More info and color charts can be found here:


      Group Orders are held on DoA from time to time. Good luck with your search! :)
    17. Thank you very much PeppermintPocky!!! 8D Their eyes are wonderful... ^^ I will most likely be buying a pair from this company.

      o,o And all the other companies I've been given! xD I hope by the end of all this, I have the perfect custom eyes.
      Thanks everyone! 83 Continue posting!