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Custom House 3rd Anniversary event!

May 22, 2005

    1. I'm sure some people have noticed this already, but I thought I would post it ahead of time in case anyone will be in the area and wants to go, sounds exciting!!

      I wish I could see those artists paint up the dolls. I'm sure many people are going to be buying some OOAK beautiful dolls on those days! It's a shame I don't live anywhere neaar there ... T.T;;
    2. Oh wow That sounds great :chibi I wish I could go, need a plane ticket :(
    3. Oh, that's wonderful news. How fun! =*^__^*=

      So glad they're bringing back Rock, Han, and Cyn, too. =^^=!
    4. *bangs head against wall* Want a Han... cant afford... Damm.

    5. I wish I could go! :) I'm sure it will be fun!
    6. Feel your pain :cry: Maybe next year they'll release them again...? *dreams* T_T
    7. I wish I could go, too! It sounds exciting!

      I hope someone here on the boards will be able to go & take many pics for us to see!