Custom House (AiDolls) Petite Ai 30cm and Ange Ai 27cm Discussion Part 3

Jun 25, 2007

    1. My girls Hani and Uri

      Sorry for the big picture i m using my phone.
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    2. wow,i never saw this series pretty
    3. I just bought a 2004 petite little Friar few days ago! They say she is the same sculpt as Gabriel except for her elf ears. She doesnt even have S hook and her feets and hands are held by strings. I will post picture once she finish her faceup!
    4. That's a great find! Where did you find her? I can't wait to see pics!!
    5. Hello, i found her in my local buysell app, her owner giving up hobby and i got her in her original box, customhouse postcards and some of her original outfits for $73usd. But she yellowed greatly and i soak her in colour bleach for 2 days and managed to lighten her abit. Will post picture once she is back from faceup. :)
    6. Yay! super great find and price Coco! All of my Customhouse have yellowed, but it is an even yellowing so it doesn't bother me much. Also, though, mine have a build-up of MSC on them that if I gave them a good scrub and maybe a little light sanding it would come off. I haven't ever tried it, but I have the supplies to try the DeZombification for yellow dolls, adding red pigment back in.
    7. Wow! I will try it when my doll is back, thank you.
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    8. OMGOSH! She is beautiful! But she is way above my budget. :) Thank you for the link.
    9. @kitten Thanks for the link! She is adorable!
    10. My Petite Hanael arrived the weekend, and I just ordered her some clothes, when they get here, I will order her a wig and shoes too. She is slightly taller than my Volks Yo-SD Mimi, but I think she can wear same size clothing.
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    11. My petite little friar is taller than my ange ai, even the body is much bigger. Will post once she is back from faceup. :)

      My petite little friar, i m calling her Arwen

      Photo by Coco Loh
      My petite alot bigger than my angeai
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    12. Yep, and petites are larger than the luts honey delf, too. I ordered a honey delf raphael and was disappointed in the size difference a little. I'll take some pics a bit later.
      Love your kids @Coco loh! They are adorable!
    13. Thank you! I want to see them! :)

      Arwen say hi! She is Petite little friar
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    14. @Coco loh She is very pretty!
      My Raphael says hi back! She was most likely a little friar too :hug:

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    15. What a cutie!! :)
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    16. These two girls are also my favorites

      Very cute Raffy
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    17. I own a petite Ai hanael,ange sleeping hani and nari~ I love them so much! And im looking for a vacant look hani~ hope i can get her this year
    19. I wonder if someone knows where to find Petite Ai outfits on yahoo Japan but not too expensive prices...?? Thanks?!