Custom House (AiDolls) Petite Ai 30cm and Ange Ai 27cm Discussion Part 3

Jun 25, 2007

    1. If you mean outfits that fit Petites, Etsy has vendors that sew in that size.
    2. Oh yes indeedy - and Ebay. Outfits made for Bitty Bethany and Ann Estelle fit my two nicely.

    3. really want to have sleeping hanael QAQ
    4. 6 years ago I saw Raffy for the first time and she stole my heart. I debated about getting the Luts version, but deep down knew I would wait for the day that the Custom House original would come my way... that day is now. :cheer Meet my new girl. She needs a faceup and she still hasn't told me her name, but I am so so happy!!
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    5. Congratulations! The original Raffy is one of my favorites!
    6. Congratlations!!!

    7. I know a lot of the Petites and Little Juniors shared headmolds under different names, does anyone remember what petite head was the same as LJ Zephyros? I know there was one from the full choice type thing they had years ago but that site's long gone and I can't find anything.
    8. Really?

      I had no idea.

      Hopefully someone with more awareness than me will be able to answer your enquiry.

    9. Here are the pictures from that site. I don't think Zephyros has a petite version.
    10. Hmm, I could swear he did. I distinctly remember thinking the name was kind of weird rofl. Maybe it was something that was like, only released once or something. It has been over a decade though so it's also entirely possible I'm remembering wrong.
    11. They may have made one after the special line site was discontinued :) I stopped paying attention to CH in their last few years. The LJ heads don't fit on petite ai bodies, so it would have had a different name.
    12. I only found one Zephyros on Flickr. The wiki says he was a limited edition.
    13. Hello, i just got my latest girl Ange ai gaby. :)
    14. [​IMG]
      Meet Yuna my gaby!
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    15. How sweet and such a pretty dress too.

    16. Thank you! I love her so much!
    17. Thank you! :)
    18. Hello! im wondering if anyone have more information on CH petite ai Anael
      If you have images, do share with me! I've been trying to hunt for more info/pic of her but shes just too rare
      I did realize @kitten have anael xD if you have more info, please share with me! Thank you :love
    19. @Mynvea I'll try to take some new pictures of mine next weekend. All of my past ones are probably in my post history. I've actually got 4 Anaels now :) It was my favorite sculpt!