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Update Custom House- Apologies for Delays

Apr 6, 2009

    1. "Dear Customers,

      We are very sorry and regrettable about this recent delay.

      And after hearing bunch of inquiries from you who eager to hear about their order status, we decided to post a message informing the event customers about it.

      It is obvious to start shipping orders by batches at "first ordered- first shipped basis", but since the delay doesn't seem to solved immediately, we decided to send the finished dolls, which are Ange and Bisou dolls as well as limited dolls, first, in order, by its date.

      And of course we encouraged manufacturers to give more effort to finish other types of dolls as well as Ange and Bisou dolls, as fast as they could.

      Knowing and understanding your anger and anxiety very well, we're trying our best to send the orders as soon as possible.

      Once again, sorry, and thank you for your patience that you showed us till now.

      Custom House"

      You can see their post here.