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Custom House at Dolls and Friends

May 18, 2007

    1. Hi!

      I'm happy to announce that we will be carrying Custom House at Dolls and Friends! We should have a section up on our webpage soon but if you would like to order a doll, clothes, or anything, please let us know!

      Also new to our store is Dollheart. A lot of it is selling out as fast as it gets in the store! We should be expecting a new shipment in soon but for now you can check out our Dollheart page here.

      Thank you!
    2. How long is the pre-order period? Will layaway be taken on these as well?
    3. Will you carry the Special Line as well, or just the regular?
    4. Are you going to be carrying clothes as well? Will you be getting some little juniors for display?
    5. Yes, we will carry clothing, shoes and accessories as well. Layaway will be available. We will start putting dolls on the website this week, and will take pre-orders for 2-3 weeks before we place the order with CustomHouse. We will try to have some for display/purchase in the store too. We've very excited about getting CustomHouse!

      Kathy, Leo and Jennifer
    6. Don't miss out on our first order with CustomHouse. We'll be placing it before the end of June. The dolls will be shipped to us about 4 weeks after that. We're ordering an assortment of wigs, shoes and fashions too.

      We're also accepting pre-orders for SoulDoll, Pipos, Leeke and Orient Doll.
    7. I'd like to know as well:D I'd really like to get a unique doll from their old line! And if layaway is available for that too?...
    8. Sorry, I can't get them! We will get one each of Black Russian Cathy and White Russian Cathy, and that is all the limiteds we will get.

      However, we will have our own exclusives at some point in the future.

      Layaway is available for the basic dolls, however.