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Custom House BOGOF with gift outfit - 15th/10th to 15th/11th

Oct 13, 2009

    1. They are at it again....

      Just received an e-mail saying there is another promotion for the month of October:

      Buy one get one free and receive a gift outfit for that size doll.

      Reduced Prices for:

      Petite Ai > $220
      Little Junior > $230
      Ai Girl > $420
      Ai Boy > $440

      Accessories are not included - Make up if purchase dis for both dolls.

      Link to Promotion:
    2. Well darn. I just ordered through the last BOGO event - I would have liked to have gotten a free outfit.

      Do we know which outfit it will be, or is the choice randomly done through Custom House?

      For example - If I put through the same order now, would I get the free clothes for my Sia (since I ordered Hyun + free Sia) or would they be Hyun's clothes?
    3. Elzaim - they show the gift outfits. There's a specific one per size/sex of doll. You can see them under 'Basic Ai' > 'Event Dress'.
    4. I just wanted to be sure, i'm reading it right. if i get one doll do i get another of the same doll free? or it is for outfits
    5. Yes, you get one doll, you get another doll free plus an outfit !!!
    6. Can you choose the free doll yourself? Or will it be the same as the first or random?
    7. As far as I know, it will be the same size, but you can choose which mold. In the last BOGOF event, you can choose which free doll you'll get by selecting it from the options. Hopefully when the website has been updated we can see those options again.

      I'm so happy! and so jumpy! I can buy a Little Junior Darea with a free doll!

      (mods, I hope I didn't break any rules by transcribing the text from the event. please remove this if inappropriate)
    8. Is everyone else getting the original price (without the event) when you do the mock-up? Still getting $322 for Little Juniors and $300 for Petite Ai.
    9. Candy_coated: That is because the event does not start until the 15th. ^_^
    10. What exactly count as "accessorize"?
      For example the Ai Girl outfit is pants, top, fur-thing, shoes, necklace, choker, waistbandthing, bracelet, earrings... Which of these will you get?

      I'm so sad they doesn't sell Lain anymore, or I would've gotten him and Cebee.
    11. For the Ai Girl Its the leggins, top and furry wrap only - none of the belts or necklaces are included - and the Bisou outfits include the matching bow/hat - they were the only two I asked about...
    12. I've searched through the site and all the doll's pages. But for the life of me I can't find how tall all the separate kinds of dolls are! Can someone point me to a link please?

      Also is your gift doll the "tribute doll" listed in the options box?
    13. They're listed in the FAQ at the top of the page.
    14. Here's the link to FAQ Here

      And my interpretation is that the tribute doll is the gift doll Here
    15. does anyone know if the Bebe Koo come with makeup? or do you have to pay extra? thanks
    16. Yes you do have to pay extra its $60 for just the make-up or $63.50 if you choose make-up with applied eyelashes.
    17. Just would like to add: Within the BOGO event period, buying make-up for your doll means your tribute doll would also get a faceup with no extra charge.
    18. Does anyone know about the event clothes for Little Juniors? I was looking around, but they do not have a specific outfit for Little Juniors. I saw a few questions about it on their Q&A forums, but they are all locked and I can't see what the answers were.
    19. I e-mailed Custom House and asked about the waiting time if that is a factor in anyone's decision. Here's the response:

      "Thank you for your interest and inquiry. Your order made in Oct. 19th will be shipped around Jan. or Feb. due to rush of orders.
      Sorry for such unpleasant delay in advance, and feel free to contact us for further questions.

      Custom House"