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Custom House Classic Ai launching EVENT

Apr 20, 2007

    1. Available at April 20, 2007, 7PM!

      (April 20, 2007 6AM EST)


      Greetings from Custom House!

      We are always grateful for all the love and interest you show us.
      To show a piece of appreciation to our fellow patrons, we have decided to hold a small event celebrating the launching of our new line “Classic Ai” on April 20th .

      Please look forward to this small event.

      [Petite Ai’s loveliness, Bisque’s beauty: Classic Ai event]

      ”I will be a good kid.”

      A small tea party on coming weekend.
      Classic Sariel’s heart is set on this tea party since she always wanted to be a graceful lady.

      Mommy will bake her famous cookies.
      Black teas in the color of sunset will be served;
      which little Sariel finds it too bitter but still enjoys the sweet aroma.

      While mommy was busy preparing her tea party,
      Sariel secretly sprays on perfume daddy gave her for her birthday.

      It’s doesn’t really go with little Sariel because it’s a scent for grownup lady
      but Sariel’s cheek blushes.

      Oh, I wish I could be part of this tea party!
      Sariel asks mommy as she brings out freshly baked cookies.

      “I will be a good girl. Please take me to the tea party!”

      Sariel prayed and prayed under starlight last night.
      Let’s pray together for her little wish to come true.

      30 of this innocent little girl are looking for good home.
      To show our appreciation to our good customers,
      we are launching the new line “Classic Ai” with special price.

      Regular Classic Ai Set Price: $398.00

      Event limited 30 set Price: $318.00

      <In this set>

      Skin : Normal skin

      Face up : Kaiiyu

      Outfit: Arias

      Wig: Limited Wig

      Eye : 20mm Cobalt glass

      included : doll, cotton comforter, certification, default box,

      default outfit (dress, bonnet, underskirt, socks)

      extra outfit (eveningwear, bonnet)

      wig, shoes, eyelashes

      Eyes ( 20mm Cobalt glass eyes )

      *Items not mentioned in this list will not be included.

      <Detailed Sizes>

      Head Circumference: 8-9inches

      Neck circumference: 11cm

      Height: 37-38cm

      Shoulder length: 7cm

      Chest : 19cm

      Waist (nave) : 18cm

      Hip : 21.5cm

      Leg length (up to the ball at ankle) :16cm

      Knee to Ankle length : 8cm

      Arm Length (up to the ball at the wrist) : 12cm

      Shoulder to the tip of finger : 15cm

      Wrist : 6cm

      Hand width : 5cm

      * Shoes can be shared with Junior Ai.

      * Wig can be shared with Ai boys or Ai girls.


      Adorable Sariel and a dress for a small lady like her.

      A sleepwear for Sariel to wear when she rubs her sleepy eyes with tiny hands and climb into her bed.

      It’s a small way of showing our appreciation to you.

      Please look forward to this event.


      Available at April 20, 2007, 7PM!

      (April 20, 2007 6AM EST)

      * This special price event ends when 30 of the dolls are sold.

      * After this event, the price will be set to the regular price which is $398.00.