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Custom House December Sale

Dec 7, 2009

    1. http://www.ainai.com/en/board/notice_view.asp?seq=645

      December 4 - January 8

      Basic Ai 50-60% off
      Bisou, Ange, Junior 50% off
      Petite, Little Junior, The Ai 60% off

      "We will provide a head (never be sold in Basic) and wig (random) as free gift to all the customers who ordered!!"

      Plus they're having sales on make-up and body purchases. Makes me wish I would've held off on the last BOGO they had. :(
    2. Yeah, this has me confused because the pricing seems to vary widely from $65 up to above $200 for the Basic Ai alone . . . so is it 50% off the price marked next to the doll pic? Also . . . where do we see what the whole doll looks like and what the dimensions are? Edit - NM, I couldn't seem to click through the pics before (pc issue I guess).


    3. Certainly the prices for different dolls are different. :)

      I mean that for example according advertisment Bisou Ai should cost 50$ but their price in real is 65$;
      Junior advertisment price 100$ / real price 120$ and so on. *_*
    4. yeah, i am a bit confused as well. I saw a lovely Ange going for 85$ , then is says add body, an extra $65. SO if we ordered as Basic Ai, they will give us a body for free???? sorry i am missing my brains today @.@
    5. From my understanding, they said the buyer will get a free head along with a doll purchase. So the additional cost (like extra $65 for Ange Ai) is probably for a body for that spare free head.

      If I buy their Ange Ai, for $85, I'd get a full doll + free head + free wig

      but if I also want a body for that free head I would have to add $65.
    6. oh i see! so a full doll will be say $65 , you get you free even head and if you want you purchase a "just in case body". Lovely ^^
    7. No, the prices are right: basic juniors are usually $240 so 50% off is $120. Bisou are usually... $129 I think, so $65 is right too.

      You get a free head and you can buy another body for the head cheap.
    8. i have a question, maybe someone can answer..... i was discussing the sale with a friend of mine, we were considering splitting some dolls, i said that you get an event head with each doll you order. so, say i order 2 dolls, i get to choose 2 event heads, correct? so if we then added the 2 extra bodies, we would end up with 4 dolls that we could split.... he said, that you only get one event head per order.... so we would only get one event head no matter how many dolls we order..... i don't think that's correct.

      i think, if you order an AI, you get an AI event head, and if we also order a petite AI, we also get a petite AI event head..... can anyone verify this?
    9. Well the choices for each doll has a choice of event head so I'm leaning toward one free head per doll . . . It doesn't say just one free head per customer, so that sounds right to me. *bites lip*
    10. the measurements can be found in their FAQ section
    11. If you look at the basic ai pages underneath each option there's a list of 'extras' and it lists the head as an 'extra'. You can only get Petite heads on a petite etc, but I think it should be one per doll :)
    12. Has anyone purchased from this company before? Do the dolls come with heads as a default or are they giving a free head with the body purchase as the special event? The wording is confusing me. I can't figure out if I'm purchasing a doll body with an optional head or a complete doll with an additional head.

      Also, the makeup charges are confusing me since it offers a special price for "additional makeup" and then says makeup isn't offered with the event. There are two different drop-down boxes when you order. Do you have to choose both to get the "additional" makeup? And if so - just what is the extra makeup? For the additional head, perhaps?

    13. The last event was buy one doll get one free plus one set of clothes free, buy one make-up get one free.

      This event is buy one doll - get limited head free plus free wig. The make-up for normal doll isn't discounted but for the extra head, it is reduced.

      If you buy one doll - you get a limited head free of the same size. It doesn't not appear to be limited as to how many event heads you can get extra. They offer the body option with every purchase so it's a way of getting a limited doll extra. A slightly different way of doing buy one get one free.

      The event heads are heads that customhouse does not plan to offer as a basic.
    14. hmmm does anybody knwo anything about sizes and dimensions???? i am tracking down an $85 basic lil guy, but i dont know how big or small they are :P
    15. if you look at the top right of the home page.... se the FAQ? click that, and you can see a list of topics.... the doll's sizes will be there.
    16. I think not just the same size, but you can choose any heads from the event ones... they did not mention anything about size limit anywhere so I think you can choose wichever event head if you order a doll from any category... ( But I'm just guessing ^^; )

      However I'm confused about one more thing... how do we purchase the extra bodies with the doll if they're not offered anywhere? Do we write to CH asking them to add it?
    17. If you got to the specific item page, there will be drop-down options to select adding the extra body, choosing the head, etc. The head has to be from the same doll size, though.
    18. I think they're marked 'sold out' just so that they're visible but not have them for sale so to speak. They're basically using the coding of the site to make the Event Head section a gallery.
    19. twylight: Great idea! Anyone can begin a discussion thread. Because CH's sale is for different size dolls, a good place for the discussion would be in the News/Event Chat subforum.
      Thanks for asking.
    20. So let me get this straight:
      When you buy one doll, you get a free event head and you can purchase a body with your order for $100, right?

      Does the event head have to be limited, or can it be a regular doll head, like Marco, Yeondu and Yeonu, because those guys are on the list, but they don't seem limited since you can buy them basic. Irus and Spia are the limited heads, since you can't get them basic, right?

      Or are the heads modified to be limited or something?
      *Is sadly confused*