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Custom House doll database?!

Oct 25, 2009

    1. I know that a while ago someone was selling a doll and provided a link to a website that had all the limited doll photos on it, so you could see the ones that aren't on the custom house website. Now of course I can't find it: please help!
    2. yes, you are right - when I'd found the amount of CH dolls that I'd never heard about I was astonished!
      it would be nice to have an opportunity to see them all!
    3. Thank you so much :)

      I remember there being another one too, that had the Custom House photos on it? It had all the fairy girls too :D
    4. Bumping for the other site
    5. bumping :) all I remember is the pink background and the fac it was the Custom House original photos...
    6. Are there any specific pictures you're looking for? I have 3000+ saved
    7. :o WOW WOW WOW I want them all :D Lol, specifically I'm really looking for the fairy theme dolls and the sleepy eyed Gabriels as I just adopting a non default girl and want to see what her defaults looked like. I'll PM you!
    8. I'm trying to upload them but my internet has been really slow :| Putting them here
    9. Thank you so much! Can't wait to trawl through :D
    10. I LOVE YOU :aheartbea
    11. I uploaded all the Prayer Gabriels I could find, or at least what I think must be Gabriels (b/c of the filenames). Let me know if your doll isn't there. I know I'm missing a bunch because I don't even have my own dolls' pictures but my sister probably has more :D

      Edit: Apparently sister had a pink CH website :|
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    12. I think that was mine :x
      It was on a free site host that seems to have disappeared. I really do need to reupload it and finish working on it. Most of our pictures were gotten soon after CH took the links off for old items (we randomly put numbers in the url), I got any written information using wayback machine.
    13. Kitten I love you... thank you so much! So many Custom House goodies to look through! Plus if your sister was the person who had the original website I'm getting an odd sense of Karma... or de ja vu... or somthing :) Either way, thank you so much!

      I can't work out which prayer girlie is mine (I never knew there was so many!) but at least I have the photos as back up now :)

    14. If you can find a doll on the site using waybackmachine and they don't have the picture, Customhouse hasn't moved thumbnails, so you can copy the url and still get old pictures
    15. here's what I have so far on prayer gabriels http://shuichon.solidwebhost.com/dollpages/petite/prayergabriel.html
      The only one without a picture is the topaz fairy which is shown on kittens site here http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad241/customhousedolls/Petite Ai/named/44a39994ad57e.jpg

      one thing that might help you determine who she is is the plate on the head. I think they are either different colors depending on the release or year it was released. (I swear I have an announcement saved about this somewhere)

      Of course if she has an original faceup that would be the easiest way to determine it!
    16. Thanks for the help! It looks like they were all white skin originally: my girl has defintely changed as my white bisou is a lot paler but she has turned a lovely cream colour so no worries there: i just asumed she was a pale normal skin :) I'm so glad to have all your photos to look through though, thanks so much girlies!
    17. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this thread. It's really useful for a newbie like me :)
    18. I tried to use wayback machine to find the photos from before 2006, but it doesn't work... <<

      I have a folder with some CH photos, nearly all of them of Hyun's older limiteds. I remember that you could use the search function on the site to get to sets that were not displayed in the unique or limited Ai sections, but it's not possible anymore.

      If someone wants my Hyun photos I can upload them somewhere, they're quite big so I think photobucket would resize them though..