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Custom House 'Good Bye 2008' Sale event

Dec 6, 2008

    1. Where did you find this information? I can't find it on the site.


    2. It comes with the newsletter :)
    3. This may seem like a stupid question, but when you go to their website, pretty much everything is marked sold out. Are any of these dolls actually available?
    4. I believe those that are marked as sold out probably are limited and event dolls?

      Dolls that will be discounted for this event are basic dolls and new limited releasing on the 10th though.
    5. Could anyone post the custom house link please?
    6. http://www.ainai.com/en/ there is their website.

      I have searched the website before, but I have not yet been able to find the height of their dolls (except Ai Boys). Does anyone know if there is a chart or list somewhere with all the sizes? Thanks!
    7. It's in the FAQ link at the top of the page; it took me a while to find it, too.
    8. If the event will have acrylic eyes, will some dolls prices go down plus be halved? Because the Little Juniors are smaller than the Juniors but cost more due to glass eyes. So I was wondering, should it be cheaper?
    9. I don't think the glass v. acrylic eyes have much to do with the price difference. I'm guessing it's something that has to do with the manufacturing in addition to more expensive packaging. It's all speculation though. CH hasn't said anything about discounting the dolls further.
    10. Little Juniors cost more because they are on a different production line, not because of the glass eyes ^^;

      Basically, Bisou, Ange and Juniors are made using a new process which lowers the cost (don't ask me for details, I don't know but CH stated that sometime early this year, in reply to some customers questionning), while the other lines are made the old fashioned way :)
    11. hi.. erm just asking if anyone know if the exceed 500USD for free shipping still apply in this case? :)
    12. I didn't see reductions on website...event begins today, no?
    13. Stefanny, it begins at 7:00PM korean time, so it won't be until later tonight for us~
    14. Hello... I'm brand new to DOA and had a question about the Custom House sale and I'm hoping someone can help? I went to their site to look at the dolls as they have their 'sale'... but wondered if the prices posted are regular prices or discounted prices? Would the end price be half of what is listed, or is the price listed half off the 'normal' price of a doll? For instance, if the doll is listed as being $85, is that half of what it normally would be? Thanks for any help anyone can give me as I come to understand this new bjd world...
    15. The prices posted on the site are the discounted prices :)
    16. Those prices are really good.
      Do they do such sales most years or has this never happened before?
      I have never seen a BJD marked 50% off before!
    17. Custom House did two 30% off sales prior to this one, so I think sales are pretty common for them. However it makes the wait time even longer when they have them because of the giant orders they get. :3 So don't rely on the wait time they have on their site.