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Custom House Limited Dolls: Mui, Gaya, Yeonu & Bora

Aug 19, 2008

    1. Just got this newsletter from Custom House!

    2. All four dolls are up in the "Coming Soon" section:

      Although I love CH, Gaya is really off for me -- she totally looks like a Petite Ai or Classic Ai head stuck on the 57cm girl body! Very disappointed with her. I hope they bring back classics like Choa and Lubi soon!
    3. Thank you for posting this. I got the email, but I couldn't get the picture to load.

      I fully agree Cauldroness. I love the older sculpts and really do not care for Gaya.

      I see the ad says the Ais are with the new head type. I've not heard there is a new head type. Do they mean the younger looking versions? Sorry, it is late and I'm not thinking clearly. I truly hope these new heads aren't replacing the older versions like Choa. CH told me Choa would be back on the website in June/July, but she isn't there so far.
    4. I think they mean "new mold" by "new head type" ^^
    5. they're up and available now in the limited section. 3 bisou fairies with coloured wings, 1 ai with new body (boy), 1 girl ai, 2 juniors, 1 juniors and one classic
    6. Rillystar -- the 3 Bisou Fairies and the Classic girl are from the last round of Limiteds to be released (8/4/08), they just never sold out.

      Gracie -- Custom House has used "new head type" before to describe new molds. I don't think there's any reason to worry.
    7. FYI - When I was checking my order status my norton at home last night indicated that the CH site had a virus that was trying to 'invade'. It successfully blocked it but I thought it was worth noting to those of you with no virus protecetion.
    8. I just tried going to the site, and firefox blocked it, saying that it was an attack site. I wonder what's going on?
    9. I just went there and didn't have any problems. >_>; I have zonealarms, does anyone know if the site was fixed and if its safe to make a purchase?

      Edit: Well my Firefox didn't block the site, my Flock did. -_-