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Custom House Little Junior and Junior discussion part 1

Jan 29, 2007

    1. Ok I dont know much about their dolls. What size are they? The lil guys are they around tiny size or are they msd?

      I want a lil boy with an upset or grumpy look to him, thats from 25-30cm+ but not as big as msds

      ....Mod notes....

      This is a discussion thread for Custom House Little Juniors and Juniors.
      Size: Little Juniors are 35 cm
      Clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes they can wear:
      How they look with other dolls:

      DoA Wiki Custom House:

      Petition to Get Little Junior in Mini discussion instead of Tiny:

      DoA Wiki Custom House Little Junior:

      Company website:

      Custom House Little Junior clothing database:

      Custom House Little Junior Eye size, wig size:

      Custom House Little Junior discussion part 1:
    2. The little Jr.s are about 35 cm...right in the middle of tinies and msds. 25 to 30cm is more Custom House petite size.
    3. Ooooh all the boys have a sort of grumpy or sad look to them!! I have a Jupiter (Kobey)...here he is with his little brother Uriel (Keven). What a couple of sweet boys they are!:fangirl: :D


      I love the LJ size, about 14". Just right for a big brother to a Petite!
    4. LJs are also Narsha size, so they can wear Narsha clothes. They are a really great size, I love mine.
    5. The petites are about 10-11" tall...as you can see the perfect companion to the LJs who are about 14" tall.:D
    6. Azrael wears a 6-7 or SDC wig. I wasn't happy with the fit of his default wig from CH. It wasn't elasticized and it kept falling off. Now he pretty much always wears an SDC wig.

      He has a few items of clothing from Custom House, but for the most part I make his pants. Most of the trimmer mini sized shirts fit him, Teen Trends shirts fit and some of the Mattel Ken and Volks WTG Boyfriend shirts do as well.

      Shoes ... well, he's got a couple of pairs of Tonner Matt shoes he shares with my OrientDoll Il, a pair of Horsman Rini sneakers and a pair of boots made for the Leeke tinies, which, oddly enough, also fit the OD boy but are huge on my Yo-SD boy.

      Someone here was selling a Mars head on an oldskin MSD body recently. I've had Azrael's head on one of my MSD bodies and I thought it looked pretty silly. I've had picture requests up in the galleries for LJ heads on slim mini bodies but few people seem to have LJs out there, so there wasn't much response. I'd kind of considered maybe looking for a taller/more mature body for him at one point, but have pretty much abandoned the idea now, because he's just so cute as he is.

      I just think the Little Juniors are wonderful. For more pics of my Hades, including the ones with his head on my MSD Ken's body and some other comparisons, see here:

    7. Treelore, I have a Little Junior and although I love her size and her face, her body doesn't pose very well.
      Anyone with any advice for me? She leans back and is just very stiff.
    8. My Hades doesn't sit particularly well either. He came strung very tightly, though after I restrung him he posed and sat much better. He still lleans back rather a lot. I think the problem is that the hip socket is a bit shallow and needs a little sanding in front. I haven't attempted it yet, but I may still.
    9. I'm waiting for a Little Junior and it's marked as 38cm tall. I've had other people say that theirs are the same height.
    10. They are a strange size but I love it! They are between MSD and YO. The Narsha clothes fit wonderfully, and Dollmore is the only place I know of to get them. They have some really cute things, I would jump on it before they are all gone. (dolly paranoia!)
    11. Little Juniors can also wear Tonner's 14" Betsy McCall clothes and shoes, though the styles are on the childish side, and the fit is loose around the waist and hips.
    12. Excuse my poor snapshots, but here is my Narsha with a Narae, and a Volks MSD, and a Naripon. I have a Little Junior also, they are exactly the same size.

    13. I ordered my first doll (and he's in the mail, woohoo!), and I want to buy him some clothes! haha
      Here's the question:

      I don't really know anything about BJD, sadly, and I was wondering what other doll clothes can Little Junior Boys fit into?
      Are they MSD size? Meep!

      Sorry, I feel silly asking about this, when I could just buy clothes off the Custom House site, but I want more variety, and I don't know how well any clothes I'd make would turn out. Hahaha

      Sorry this is so long!

      Thank you! :aheartbea
    14. If the measurements I have are correct, they are close in chest and waist to some slim MSD's, but are shorter and have smaller hips.


      I bet they could wear a lot of Friend2BMade and the slacks might even be close to the right length. In general, my guess would be slim MSD clothes and you might have to hem slacks.

    15. When I had my Little Junior Jupiter, I tried Matt O'Neill clothes on him (16" fashion doll)--the pants were too big, but the shirts were cute in a baggy, oversized way. A friend gave me a Teen Trends jeans & sweater outfit for him that was adorable and fit very well. So there are a couple more options to look for--
    16. They can also wear Narsha clothes, Dollmore has some.
    17. I saw lots of Teen Trends cheap over at Tuesday Morning if you have one near you. LJ can also wear Betsy Mccall clothing, but it is more of a little girl style.
    18. I was wondering,
      what type of shoes can Little Juniors wear?
      Can they where MSD shoes? or are they a more inbetween size ^^;
    19. CH says the Little Juniors take the Junior sized shoe, and the Petite size wig.

      I put my poor Zephyros into MSD sized jeans from Dollmore, and he looked like the 'after' of a dieting commercial. Not 'adorably' oversized, but just plain old Too BIG.

      Good thing he is sweet-tempered; he put up with it and me. :)

      Ann in CT