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Custom House - New Fairy Ai (Petite Elf Gabriel) + 6th Anniversary Limiteds

Jun 9, 2008

    1. Updated popup on the CH site -- a new Event Ai doll (a Fairy Ai elf this time :D) on June 13, along with four limiteds celebrating their 6th anniversary.

    2. Do they still come with unjointed torso so the torso is one part?
    3. As far as I know, the Petite Ai still come with an unjointed torso -- I don't think the new Fairy Ai will be any different, but I could be wrong. In any case, the Fairy Ai dolls usually come with pretty extensive body blushing, so I'm sure body shots will be included when they release more pictures.
    4. My very recently-received Petite purchase (Vampire Bloody Tia) came with an unjointed torso, fwiw.

      I don't see any differences in the body sculpt, BUT she does seem to stand/sit better than my Petite Pharaoh Yuriel, so it's possible that there have been some slight changes to the leg joints.

      May just be an individual difference between dolls, though, and I'm not taking Yuriel apart to check, because he's a tan and I'm terrified of scratching him! *_*

      -- A <3
    5. Our Classic Ai has small locks on her knees that we don't remember being on our Petite Ai. Maybe they added this to Petites?
    6. The Coming Soon section has been updated with the new Fairy Ai (whose torso is indeed unjointed) and four 6th Anniversary limiteds, all in white skin.

      Fairy Ai - Das Lied von der Erde (WS Petite Elf Gabriel):
      Limited to 10 worldwide

      Splendidly-Gabriel (Limited WS Classic Ai):

      Splendidly-Sariel (Limited WS Petite Ai):

      Splendidly-Raffy (Limited WS Ange Ai):

      Splendidly-Hani (Limited WS Ange Ai):

    7. The times that CH posts are always Korean time -- 7 pm on June 13 in Korea would be 6 am EST on June 13, so tomorrow morning. :)

      When the dolls go on sale, CH always moves them out of the "Coming Soon" section and into their respective sale sections -- the Fairy Ai will be filed under "Event Ai," and the Limiteds will go under "Limited Ai."
    8. Custom House is killing me with these beautiful dolls! I've already sprung for two of the Rainbows. Are all of the Rainbows now sold out?
    9. Yes, all of the Rainbow Bisou Ai are now sold out.
    10. 6th Anniversary Limiteds on sale in their respective sections as of this morning -- all of the limiteds are still in stock and available for purchase, although the Fairy Ai quickly sold out (I don't think anyone is surprised by this :sweat).
      ETA: All sold out!

      Fairy Ai - Das Lied von der Erde (WS Petite Elf Gabriel):
      Limited to 10 worldwide -- SOLD OUT

      Splendidly-Gabriel (Limited WS Classic Ai) -- SOLD OUT:

      Splendidly-Sariel (Limited WS Petite Ai) -- SOLD OUT:

      Splendidly-Raffy (Limited WS Ange Ai) -- SOLD OUT:

      Splendidly-Hani (Limited WS Ange Ai) -- SOLD OUT:

      Also, it seems like someone out there has cancelled their order for one of CH's previous limiteds, Flight Attendant Tia (Petite Ai girl) from the Hi! Uniform Kids series -- only one of her available, so if you've been wanting a white skin Tia, here's your chance: