Custom House - New limited dolls coming soon

Jan 14, 2005

    1. *can't resist miya* I'm so glad I missed that new unique miya I wouldn't have been able to stop myself I mean LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT! x____x *dies* I would so buy that outfit for Lola
    2. I'm so glad I missed that beautiful Unique Soye!!! She's edging up in my heart right nxt to Cebee. ^^;

      There's just something so special about CH Ai!
    3. Cebee and Miya are my favorite CH girls and then Soya comes along... I may have to block CH's site from my browser. *must resist* I just have to keep reminding myself that I have babies already on their way home *slaps hand*
    4. I was soooo tempted to buy the Domuya Exclusive Cebee, but she's too expensive for me. ;_; I do have a new doll that I've ordered, but unfortunately, it's not a Cebee.
    5. OMG I'm dying over that Unique Bin *_*

      Blasted why do I have no money? :cry:
    6. Wow. Gin looks incredible. *drool*

      I liked Soye when she was available, too, but didn't order her. She was great too, though. She reminded me of the character called Wednesday from The Addams Family, but in a good way.