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Custom House Petite Ai Gabriel update

Feb 4, 2005

    1. Some news about Gabriel and the Petite Ai from the Custom House website:

    2. Ohh its unfortunate that people are copying CH dolls :/
    3. yeah it does suck - poor little things :(
    4. Aww. :( Evil people. I love CustomHouse. I wonder who'd try to copy?
    5. Maybe CP? XDD;; Not meaning to offend, but their Cutie Delfs have the exact same bodies as P.Ais. Seriously, though, it's unfortunate that CustomHouse would have to go to those measures. :/

      I want that hand part, though. >_>;; I wonder if they'll sell them separately?
    6. O_o CP Cutie Delf are about 2 inches shorter than Petit Ai dolls. With as much original sculpting as they already do, I seriously doubt that they would resort to stealing something like that.
    7. Like I said, I'm not really accusing anything. It was a joke. :/
    8. Oh!! ^^;;; I am so sorry!

      I'm tired and didn't pick up on the joking nature of your comment. I apologize!
    9. Hmm.. I have been waiting for Gabriel to be available again. This morning I saw this thread and thought .. ahhh they will be back SOON.... this afternoon I went to the site again - just a few hours after my first visit. They have the "new" gabriel listed - but has "Sold out" on it already!!!

      Thats just a few hours :(
      Wonder if they arent sold out at all.. just not ready to sell her yet?
    10. Event basic Gabriel's been all sold out already.
      at the moment very few Event basic uriel's left....^^

      -Sei :daisy
    11. I cant believe they went so quickly!
      I logged onto them first ting in the morning.. and the page had not been updated. I checked on and off during the morning.. and no change.. and within an hour or less.. the web page gets updated.. give the info about the special release etc etc.. but it was ALREADY shown as sold out :(

      So that HAD to be in less than an hour. I didn’t realsie Gabriel would be sooo popular.. and now I cant even order uriel – that was my next choice. But I was hoping Gabriel MIGHT be available again after their holiday of 8-10th Feb. But I looked in hope.. but nope…. Still says “sold out” … Ohh woe!

      Teach me NOT to make up my mind quicker.. Gabriel WAS available a little while ago but I couldn’t decide. GRRR
    12. There is now a popup with a picture of the special sleepy Gabriel for Valentine's Day. She looks so sweet! Other pictures will be available the 14th.
    13. I know.. I saw that.. and then they put the 2nd picture of a Gabriel on the ordinary bit...
      so there was a uriel and two gabriels..

      So MAYBE after the 14th she will be available again!
    14. I was wondering if she was ever offered for sale. I kept checking the site and never saw her in stock. I only saw the Event Uriel, none of the Gabriels. [​IMG]
    15. I must have been lucky (or UNlucky) enough to see her "in stock".. might have only been for a very short while - I cant remember... I couldnt make up my mind!!! I had her in my 'shopping cart".. and I dithered.. and I lost her :(

      Now I cant have her,..... I WANT her..LOLOLOLOLOLOL.. always the way eh?
    16. I imagine that the copies they are worried about are not being made by a known company, but by someone who's taken a mold of one of their dolls.

      Someone was doing this with Volks SD's a couple of years ago and selling them on eBay.

      And really...? An event doll sold out that fast...? How many were offered...?

      I do sometimes wish CH made more of their limited. ^^;
    17. I am just wondering if the "sold out" is just a mistake - due to the holidays???

      I can hope..LOL
    18. I am just wondering if the "sold out" is just a mistake - due to the holidays???

      I can hope..LOL
    19. Nope, they're sold out. They were listed as in stock for a little bit, but I don't think they had many to begin with. I had her put on my wishlist and that tells you how many is left of something. The number started out low. :oops:
    20. Just curious since hardly anybody actually saw them in stock, how low of a number of them were there when you "saw" them? Such a tease to offer us such an ultra limited amount, so that chances of buying one are practically impossible. Like the OOAK Aneal and Uriel they offered as their "Christmas Present" to us. Only two dolls? Fat chance of getting one. It is just so mean of them to offer less than 20 IMO. Too cruel! [​IMG]